Friday, February 26, 2010

Always learning something new...

Guess what I learned today? I learned that I need to be really specific when I'm navigating for someone!

I tend to be a lousy navigator, and this evening the result was that a friend of mine was making last minute lane changes and that kind of thing. So, perhaps we shouldn't have been surprised when lights started flashing behind us.

Yeah, we got pulled over by the sheriff. "Do you know where you're going?" "Did you know that your head lights aren't on?" "Have you been drinking?" He asked that question two or three times, by the way. Also, to my friend who was driving, "May I see your ID?"

He also wanted to see the car insurance info, or something like that, and it took my friend several minutes to find it. The problem was that she hadn't looked at the documents he wanted since the day she bought the car, and most of the documents she was finding were in the name of the previous owner of the car, which wasn't going to help us. It was also rather interesting when the officer asked "Is that yellow piece of paper also in the name of the previous owner? It is? Good. It's a ticket for driving under the influence."

My friend found the info he wanted to see, and everything turned out fine. He gave us a warning about the headlights (which I hadn't noticed were off, by the way...I guess I wasn't paying attention) and left.

So, that's a lesson learned. Well, two, actually. Number one, make sure your headlights are on. And secondly, the lesson that I need to really remember since I don't drive, if you're a navigator you need to know what you're doing!

What did you learn today? Whatever it was, I hope it didn't involve an encounter with your local law enforcement.

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