Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sunshine Award

Guess what? Debra She Who Seeks gave me this blog award. It's the sunshine award, which rather surprises me since I've been feeling somewhat depressed recently. But I guess my depression hasn't been coming through much in my writing...?

So, here are the rules:

1) Place the award on your blog or within your post
2) Pass the award on to twelve Sunny Bloggers -- those whose positivity and creativity inspire others!
3) Link to the nominees in your post
4) Tell the nominees they've received the award by commenting on their blogs
5) Share hte love and link tot he person from whome you received the award

So let's see, who do I want to nominate...?

1) Carrie at [carrotspeak.]

2) Thalia at Amused Grace

3) Moonrat at Editorial Ass

4) Ange at nomadic tendencies

5) Magaly at Pagan Culture

6) Harriet at the encouragement lounge

7) Anne at The Gods are Bored

8) Jupiter at The Carnelian Chronicles

9) Willow Silverhorse at A College Witche's Experiences

10) Julie at The Domestic Witch

11) Jaz at Octoberfarm

Ok, so I'm going to break the rules and just nominate eleven bloggers. Why? Because I like that number. (And I was having a hard time deciding who to pick next.)


Anonymous said...

Oh thank you so much! I will get to it as soon as I can. I'm also going to check out the blogs you've nominated. I've never heard of some of them.

Willow Silverhorse said...

Thanks Sarita! I'm honored!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I know you're feeling blue at the moment, Sarita, but I believe you are essentially a sunshiny and positive person! And you will feel that way again soon, I hope!

Sarita Rucker said...

Julie -- Yeah, some of them are outside of the group of Pagan bloggers that I seem to have found myself a part of, so I'm not surprised that you haven't heard of some of them.

Willow Silverhorse (or should I just call you Willow? I'm not sure if Silverhorse is a surname or part of the name?) -- You're welcome.

Debra -- I'm getting help, and am working through my depression. I've actually started writing in my diary again, so my more positive stuff goes here.

Magaly Guerrero said...

Congrats on the award.

I have claimed my award and raved about it too. It truly put a bright smile on my face. Thanks so much for thinking of me my Wicked Darling!

Sarita Rucker said...

You're welcome!

Thalia Took said...

Thanks for the award! Though I never think of myself as a sunny person. Grouchy, curmudgeonly, gloomy, anxious, crabby, sure. I'll try to live up to it. :)

Sarita Rucker said...

Hmm. Well, as I said in the beginning of my post, I didn't really think that I'd been really sunshiny recently, Thalia.

It's interesting how other people can view us differently from how we view ourselves.

Ange said...

Thanks Sarita! Not feeling particularly deserving of it, but it's definitely what I need to be focusing on so it's an awesome reminder! Thanks so much for thinking of me.


Sarita Rucker said...

I didn't really feel deserving of it either, actually.

But your photos are so great that I always love seeing them, and I think they bring a bit of sunshine into people's lives. Definitely into mine.

Anonymous said...

You are totally right on this writing!!!

Anonymous said...

At least some bloggers can still write. Thank you for this post!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness some bloggers can write. Thanks for this piece...

Anonymous said...

All round amazing blog!