Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Too crazy...

There was some fun (not) in downtown Portland yesterday.

There was a demonstration protesting police brutality. That in itself wasn't bad, except that they protested without a permit, started getting in the way of traffic, and when the police showed up to keep them on the sidewalks the protesters started getting pushy.

So in order to protest police brutality you draw them out and start shoving them around? Um, that doesn't sound right to me.

It wound up with some property damage being done, some police reinforcements in riot gear getting called in, and a few people were arrested.

I'm sort of disgusted with the whole thing.

Mom and Tall One were downtown last evening and had the misfortune of being slowed down by protesters (or should they be called rioters?). Funny thing is, Tall One saw someone dash out into the street to take a photo, and that photo can now be found on a news site, here. Mom says that she has never seen so many horses backsides before.

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