Saturday, April 3, 2010


I noticed that no one's commenting on my posts, and then I also noticed one or two other bloggers commenting that there's a problem with Blogger that's preventing comments from being published. Then I also remembered e-mailing with someone who said that one of her comments didn't get published. So I just wanted to say...

If your comments aren't getting published, don't take it personally. You can be pretty darned sure that I'll publish your comments if I can see them, and if Blogger will let me. The only reasons I would NOT publish a comment would be:

1) If it were spam. I do have one spammer who is persistent, or else several spammers who spam with the same thing. The spammer(s) in question don't even comment in English, by the way.

2) If it were something that looks like a personal note to me, especially if an e-mail addy is included. I've only had one of those, though.

3) If it were very rude, insulting, or offensive. But, I haven't had any like that yet.

Hopefully comments will be up and working again soon! Hopefully.

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