Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fun school stuff

I've sort of been going crazy.

I was interested in a class, we'll call it Class # 1. So I tried to get into Class #1, only to find that it was full. I got my name on the waiting list, and signed up for Class # 2 instead.

I bought the book for Class # 2 and was annoyed to find that it was $60. Not surprised, but definitely annoyed. Not only that, but it was in shrink wrap, and I couldn't return the book after the shrink wrap was broken. I dithered about it for a couple days, hoping that I would get into Class # 1 and return the $60 book for Class # 2, and then I gave in and broke the shrink wrap so that I could take a look at the book. After all, I reasoned, it wasn't likely that anyone would drop Class # 1.

I was wrong.

Just a few hours after I broke the shrink wrap on the $60 book, I got an e-mail telling me that I'd gotten into Class # 1. If I'd only waited just a few more hours to start my homework...but oh well.

Now I have a $60 text book for a class I'm not taking, and I can't return it. I guess I can sell it back at the end of the term, but I'm not sure if I'll do that. The one time I sold back a book to a college bookstore I got relatively little money for it.

I'm taking it with good humor, though. The funny thing is that I got the e-mail just a few hours after breaking the shrink wrap. I think I hear the gods laughing...

On a more serious note, I dropped a class. It's part of a series of classes that build on themselves, like math classes, and I barely passed last term. Truthfully, I don't even feel like I earned the C that the professor gave me. Part of the problem was the depression that hit me so close to the end of term, but I was also having trouble before that.

This term I had a choice: either get tutoring and pull myself up to where I should be really quickly (which would mean learning a lot in a short time), or just taking the classes next term. Maybe I'm a pessimist, but after one week in the class I decided I wasn't up to the challenge of getting myself up to where my classmates are so darned quickly.

Maybe I should keep reminding myself that I got into the class I was wait listed on. Perhaps that'll cheer me up.


Judy said...

Positive got into Class #1 plus you have the book for Class #2 which you can use for self study...good job!!

Sarita Rucker said...

Yeah, the text book does look pretty neat.