Wednesday, April 21, 2010

International Boobquake Day

"A couple of days ago an Iranian cleric let the world know that women with their boobs out cause earthquakes, this in itself almost causing an earthquake because of all the jaws simultaneously dropping to the floor. One lady has taken it upon herself to debunk, or perhaps prove, the cleric's claims by organising a worldwide cleavage-fest on Monday, 26 April."

Yep, this is true. I seriously am not making this up. You can find the story here.

The idea isn't for us to go out and get risque, but for us to wear whatever we already have that's low cut or otherwise somewhat showy. As Jennifer McCreight (the woman apparently organizing this) says:

"I would just like to add that I'm not trying to force women to go out of their comfort zones. We're just coordinating our most immodest outfit that we already wear for the same day. And it's not limited to cleavage power - I'm sure an ankle will be sufficiently immodest to make some god cranky."

I for one will wear something showing some cleavage. What about the rest of you women?

And I would like to share a few links...

Jennifer McCreight's blog post about this

Jennifer McCreight's group on Facebook event for this

Another Facebook group event for this fun stuff


Debra She Who Seeks said...

This is great! The only possible way to respond to such bigoted idiocy is to make fun of it! Ha ha!

Sarita Rucker said...

I dunno, I don't look at it as making fun... I just look at it as proving that female skin doesn't cause earthquakes.

Madam Lost said...

I'm showing my ankles! My assistant says he doesn't know how he will focus on his work in the presence of my bare ankles. :-)