Friday, May 28, 2010

Fur Baby Friday: Powell's the greyhound

Some years ago my family wanted to get a dog, and I think we were sort of considering a greyhound. You can imagine our delight when we got a phone call from a family friend saying "Hey, I found this stray greyhound. With two dogs already I can't take care of this guy, so would you foster him for me please?" Our answer was an immediate yes, and my mom brought him home that evening.

I think I'll always remember that Powell's (as we soon named him) spent that first night in Tall One's bedroom and I insisted on camping out with my brother to be near the dog. In particular about that night, I'll remember running off to me mom and complaining "The dog keeps whining and whining! We've put him to bed I don't know how many times but he keeps getting up and whining some more! I can't believe it! Do you have any idea what this is like?" lol Of course my parents laughed, because they did know what it was like.

We never found the Powell's' previous owners. We suspect that he was abandoned because even though he was wearing a collar, the ID tag had been ripped off of it.

We never learned anything about his past, but we could guess a couple of things. One of our guesses is that he won some races. We had a big backyard and when he got running, he would run and run and run laps around the backyard like you wouldn't believe. He was amazing. The other thing we guessed is that he had been abused in the past.

Usually it's impossible to keep greyhounds off of furniture, so we were expecting to share our couches and even our beds with him. And yet, he would never get on the furniture. The times that we tried to coax him onto the couch or a bed he would become frightened. Then once Powell's was in my parent's room while my dad was undressing, and the poor dog panicked when my dad took off his belt.

So let's see, Powell's was scared to get on the furniture and he freaked out when my dad took his belt off. Yeah, I think this dog was abused by previous owners.

I think Powell's did enjoy his last couple years with us. He was a good dog. In particular I remember that he liked spaghetti noodles.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Adorable birdies

Remember the adorable young scrub jays who were nested by my bedroom window? Two days ago I couldn't find them, and I haven't seen them since then. It seems that they have flown the coop.

To begin with I was shocked, but then I learned on Wikipedia that scrub jays leave the nest just eighteen days after they've hatched. When I discovered the youngsters they were already venturing beyond the nest. They didn't look like they would be ready to fly away anytime soon, but I guess I was mistaken.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

At home, sick :(

I've been sick the last couple of weeks. The symptoms have been some nausea, tiredness that won't really go away, and a heck of a sore throat that pops up every now and then. I don't know if this bug I've got even has a name.

It's frustrating. Even more frustrating than having the swine flue -- which I did have last fall --because I'll declare myself well, go to work or school, and then be sick again the next day. Part of me (a not very sensible part) would almost prefer the flue because that at least stayed away when I recovered from it.

I was at work and school yesterday, but then woke up sick again today. After e-mailing my work place I went back to bed, and I plan to stay home tomorrow, and probably also Friday.

I don't like to complain on my blog, but this is so darned frustrating!! When will it leave me alone??

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How to fail with dignity

Stay tuned! There are more coming!

Pagan Values Month

June is Pagan Values Month! Those of you who were with me last year may remember that it is a month where I talk about Pagan stuff on my blog -- stuff I do in my daily life and things that are annual. Maybe even things that I'm actually trying to figure out as I walk this path, since my understanding of the divine is always changing and evolving.

I hadn't known this last year, but it turns out that this is actually being initiated by a blog called Pagan Values. Below I have copied and pasted some info from their website, relevant to Pagan Values Month.


Once again we are nearing the June Solstice.

The Sun is nearing its height in the Northern Hemisphere and nearly hidden from view in the Southern Hemisphere. Midsummer and Yule, festivals of fire and of light. Times to exuberantly celebrate all that makes life bright and wonderful, and to light our personal and familial candles and hearth fires of our inspiration and nourishment in celebration of our beloved living.

Once more I issue a Challenge and a Call to my fellow Pagans, of every Pagan faith and path, to join me in blogging about Pagan Values in the month of June.

I invite you to share those Values and Virtues and Ethics and Ideals that you have found within whatever your Paganism is. How do you carry these jewels out into the world, thus enriching it and yourself, in your daily lives? What has living your Values taught you? How have the Ethics or Ideals of your particular Paganism challenged you? What have you discovered about yourself in your relationships with the Gods, and the world around you, and with the Ancestors, and with the Spirits of the World around you – however your individual Pagan path defines these things?

Yours in Peace and Curiosity,

Pax, your editor

IF you would like to take part in the 2010 International Pagan Values Blogging and Podcasting Month there are several ways to participate!

Before June:

Spread the word about the project!

If you think you’d like to participate leave a comment in the comments section of this message with a link to your blog or site. (and direct folks here so they can find out more and let your erstwhile editor know if they are interested)

Think, pre-write and meditate on the topic, it can sometimes be surprising difficult to articulate ones deepest feelings and instincts especially on such heartfelt topics!

Feel free to ask questions and share ideas!

During June:

Once you have posted your blog post or uploaded your episode you leave a comment, or another comment, in the comments section of this post linking not only to your blog or site, but to the specific post or episode!

Feel free to sign onto delicious and, or if you are already on delicious, to tag your post (or one in the event you particularly like) with the tag “metapagan.values” to not only help archive valuable Pagan writings and share them with others, but to also aid your editor in his chosen task!

For ease of research for future generations of Pagans, the suggestion has been made to use, or also use, a standardized tag “PVE2010” for Pagan Values Event 2010 across the many article and information sharing social networking sites. Please do!

The Pagan Values Blog will then begin creating an index of contributions, similar to the one created for the 2009 event.

Some blog posts will be asked permission to re-post in their entirety (with appropriate byline and copyright information) on the Pagan Values Blog.

SADLY, the Pagan Values Blog does not (at present) have the capability of similarly archiving/re-posting podcast episodes. We will however be asking select podcaster participants (whose contributions will be linked to both in the index and in individual entries on the Pagan Values Blog) the opportunity to post a written piece to the Blog either summarizing or expanding on their chosen topic.

After June:

Enjoy reading, and blogging and podcasting about the contributions, and discussing them with your friends and communities!

PLEASE NOTE: Should your everyday life interfere with your intention to post or record your contribution in JUNE, the cut-off criteria will be if you posted your intent before the end of June 2010!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Baby scrub jays

As I mentioned in my previous post I have some baby birds in a big bush right by my bedroom window. They are scrub jays, and here I will share some things I have observed from watching them.

1) I counted two yesterday, and three today.

2) I assume there was a nest for the eggs, but they don't seem to be hanging out in the nest anymore. I always see them hopping around the bush or just hanging out near each other, but I can't even figure out where the nest is.

3) They tend to hang out together, but sometimes one will go exploring in the confines of the bush.

4) They barely have any tail feathers.

5) They are a safe distance off the ground, where cats won't be able to get them.

6) They don't even notice my kitty Kokopelle drooling over them through the window.

They have been very difficult to photograph, but here are a couple of photos. In the second one you can just barely see the other two babies to the right and left of the one in the middle of the photo.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

How to fail with dignity

You can find my first post along these lines here.

Birthday and birdies

It was Tall One's birthday today!

Last month we started regular get togethers with some of Tall One's band mates, and this month's just happened to be today, on his birthday. That was pretty nice.

I mostly stayed in other other room during the get together because of the Highland pipes. Yeah, I guess I could have used ear plugs, but I didn't.

Tall One got a really cool swiss army knife and a couple of iTunes gift cards. He made the cake -- cheese cake -- himself, because he didn't trust anyone else in the family to make it. Then when it came time to dinner he wanted me (not mom) to make the lasagna, because (if I may say so myself) of all the cooks in the family I make the best lasagna.

I think he has enjoyed his birthday.

I also wanted to share...

There is a really big bush right next to my bedroom window. Kokopelle has always been interested in it because it's a good shelter for birds, but he was showing more interest than usual in it lately. I didn't think much of it, until today I suddenly saw a baby bird hopping around in the branches!!!!

I have a nest of scrub jays just outside my window!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't have a good view of them, and I'm not even sure where the nest is located in the tree. But I can tell you that even though the hatchlings aren't ready to fly yet, they're exploring the giant bush a little. I would share a photo, but I couldn't get any good ones. The camera keeps focusing on the branches extending towards it instead of in to the bush. Oh well.

They are so adorable.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Plans for moving out

It occurred to me that I haven't actually shared my plans for how to do this.

I'm going to get a job over the summer just like I had originally planned. But I'll need to find a job to keep -- that is, one that is more than a summer job -- in order to continue paying the bills and stuff when I start back to school in the fall. This means that I will be a half time student, since I have no idea how other people are full time students and work full time.

That's my long term plan.

It would also be really nice if I could get a place near my parent's home so that I could continue to work with my herb garden. In any event, I do plan to take some of my herbs that are in pots with me. I love them too much!

At the moment I need to find another job before I can even try to move out. So, I'm job hunting! Wish me luck. :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

My new NetBook!!!

I just got my new HP Mini Netbook!!! Wow.

And would you care to guess what I've named it? I'll give you a hint.

When I checked the shipping status last night I wasn't supposed to get this until next week. So you can imagine my surprise when it came in today! :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Humorous responses on tests

I'm tired and I have a headache, but I'd like to share these. I got them in an e-mail along along with many more amusing responses on tests which I think I will share over time.

You may need to click on them to get them big enough to read.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Note to self: You are too a writer!!!

I don't really think of myself as a writer, but maybe I need to change my attitude. After all, I have two blogs! This one, and my book blog. (Yes, I know I keep mentioning my book blog, shamelessly trying to get people to check it out.) So I'm definitely a writer. And I enjoy writing. So why don't I consider myself a writer? Maybe just because I don't want to earn my living at it? Hmm....

I'm also a published poet, but that doesn't make me feel like a "writer". Instead, it makes me feel like a "poet". I guess that a poet is a kind of writer, but still...


This is all coming up because I met with the head of the English department at school today. I have turned in my paper work to officially change my degree, and I am excited. But wait, I haven't gotten to what has me writing about being a writer.

The head of the department told me about a scholarship. This scholarship is for English majors who write, and in an attempt to get the scholarship for myself I am putting together "a representative portfolio of [my] work (up to 10 pages of poetry or prose)."

So would you care to guess what I'm doing? If you guessed putting together ten pages, you're right.

I'm using some of my poetry, and now am doing major editing work on a short essay I posted on my book blog. (Yes, I'm shamelessly directing you to my book blog again!) This will take me up to five pages.

Anyways, so I'm putting together ten (max) pages of my writing, and trying to convince myself that yes, given the evidence before my eyes, I am a writer.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Moving out

So I'm looking at getting out of the house, and am creating a list in my head of what I'll need. Well, I figured I should write this down, and that I may as well share it here.

1) Vacuum cleaner and/or broom (and a mop with the broom)

2) Microwave safe dishes

Note: I do have my parent's good China set in my hope chest, but I also need less extravagant dishes that go in the dishwasher and microwave.

3) Cooking pans, pots, etc.

4) A kitty box

5) Silverware

6) Towels

7) Hand towels

8) Mini hand towels, or whatever they're called

9) Cups

10) Laundry pamper

I know there's more, but I'm not sure what...

There are some apartments I'm interested in. They look good, seem affordable, and I like the location. For privacy's sake I'm not saying where they are, but I just wanted to mention that I've got a particular place in mind.

ps. Maybe I could steal some of my mom's stuff...after all she did that to her mom, so she'd understand...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Odds and ends

I broke my glasses over the weekend. Well, ok, that's not true. Not technically anyways. Technically it was my friend who broke them, but only because I put them in a very stupid place.

I took the glasses to the eye doctor (I totally forget the fancy name for them) today and they got fixed at no charge, which was a bit of a relief. I wasn't even sure if they could be fixed.

All that was wrong was that one of the lenses had popped out. That's happened to be before with previous glasses, but unlike previous glasses this pair doesn't have screws holding the lenses in place. Instead, it has a plastic string holding them in place. That seems somewhat odd to me, but whatever. My glasses work, and I like them, so they can be weird if they want to be. That's fine with me.


I finally introduced my mom to Voodoo Donuts. For those who don't know, these donuts are absolutely delicious. I'm lucky enough to have a place near my home that sells them!


Yesterday I double checked my ordering info and it turns out that the netbook wasn't supposed to be shipped until May 31st. Then a few hours later I got an e-mail saying that it was shipped and that I should get it this Thursday.

Oh yes, and I think I have the perfect name for this netbook. But I'll share that later.


Yet again, I'm looking at moving out of my parent's house. My goal is to get out before next fall terms starts.

So I'm going back to the questions I was asking myself last year when I wanted to move out, and I think I have some more answers by now.

1) I'm not going anywhere without my cat. So if we're room mates, that limits where we can move.

I'm still not going anywhere without my cat.

2) Money. How much will rent cost? Utilities? Groceries?

I can't say exactly how much these will be, but I have a better idea than I did before. I think.

3) Will I be able to pay my share with the job I have?

No. I'll need another job.

4) If the answer to the previous question is no, then there's another question: With my school schedule and homework, will I be able to pick up a second job?

The plan is to switch to going to school half time so that I can do this.

5) Health care. Will I be able to stay on my mom's insurance?

Maybe, maybe not. Obama's new laws on health care are too new to be sure of how they'll be interpreted, apparently.

6) If not, can I get my own health care at an affordable price?

Yep. Only about $100 to $175 a month through Kaiser Permanente, who I already have my health care through.

7) Computer access. Yes, I can get on computers at school. But having to go to school just to check my e-mail would be sort of inconvenient. So, would I be able to buy a computer that could just do the basics, Microsoft Word and internet?

No problem. I have my wonderful little netbook on its way to me. I'll get it this week!!!

8) Oh yeah, and I would have to buy cat food and kitty litter myself. Oh and mom might appreciate it if I take my fish with me...

Oh yeah, the fish...

9) The piano would cost a couple hundred bucks to move, and then periodically I would have to pay something like $75 to have it tuned. I can't afford that. So, can I afford to get a good keyboard so I can practice piano at my new home? It wouldn't replace a real piano, and I would continue to practice on those at school, but I think I need something at home.

Maybe I could find something cheap at a yard sale...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hairy legs

I mentioned a while ago that I hadn't shaved my legs in a while. I mentioned it specifically because a classmate of mine said that unshaven legs are gross on women. I was amazed to hear someone say that to my face (for some strange reason) and quickly decided to wear a skirt or shorts showing my bare legs to class to prove to her that some of us don't care if unshaven legs are considered gross. Maybe that was a little immature of me, but oh well.

In this post I mention my legs again because I shaved them last night. I would also like to share a lesson I learned, for in case anyone else decides to shave their legs after several years of not shaving.

Have drain cleaner handy if your legs are super super hairy. Trust me, you'll need the drain cleaner after you've shaved all that hair off!

BTW, I first stopped shaving my legs because it became very painful, and it was a nuisance. I've started again because I'm willing to deal with the nuisance again, and even though I don't consider unshaven legs "gross" (unlike one of my classmates) I do prefer my legs shaved. I'll also use shaving cream and razors which are specifically for sensitive skin, so hopefully it won't get painful again. We'll see. If it does become painful, then my legs will just become hairy again. :)

Bliss is...

...lying in the grass in the shade of a tree, leafy branches overhead, a water fountain nearby, and a breeze that stirs the windchimes every so often.

It's even better than walking barefoot in the lush green grass, and that's saying something!

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Insanity" vs "sanity"

So you you say that someone is "sane" then that means they're...sane!

If you say that someone is "insane" then that means that person is not sane.

But "insane" is made up of the words "in" and "sane." So if someone is "in sane" then doesn't that mean that they're saner than anyone else who is simply sane?

So should "insane" be said "unsane" since "un" before the "sane" would mean that the person isn't sane?

...just a random thing that occurred to me...

Monday, May 10, 2010

It's official

I am getting a NetBook. No, I don't mean that I plan to get one this month. I mean I've already paid the money for it.

I've chosen an HP Mini 210, and it looks pretty good. It does everything I want, and it's small. But despite its size the keyboard is only 92% or 93% of the regular keyboard size, which means it isn't too tiny.

I liked the reviews I saw about it, and my only concern was the touch pad or scroll pad (or whatever it's called) was almost always cited as a nuisance, but I plan to use a mouse anyways, so I don't think that'll be much of a problem.

I'm getting this because I want to be able to take a computer with me that I can write my essays on. As an English major, I'll have to be writing a lot of essays.

Also, my mom and I sometimes wind up needing to use the computer we share at the same time, which can get frustrating. It doesn't happen often, but when it does it's not great. That in itself wasn't the deciding factor to get a NetBook, but it was just one more reason to buy one.

I wound up getting the second most inexpensive of HP's mini 210's, though at first I fell in love with the butterfly one, which is the priciest. I eventually decided that I didn't need the butterfly one after all, but really, isn't it adorable? Just take a look at the following video. It's apparently quite fashionable, and I can see why.

ps. I'll get this in 5 to 7 business days. I think you can safely expect me to talk about it when it comes in.

pps. I am sort of clueless about technical stuff so asked Tall One what he thought about the NetBook I'm getting. I relied heavily on his opinion when making my decision.

ppps. I noticed that when reviews talked about the butterfly version of the HP mini 210 they tend to talk about how fashionable it is rather than what it does. *rolls eyes* Yeah, it looks cool, but what about its performance? Hello? Some of us want to know about things like performance.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day stories

Several years ago I saw a European Starling mommy. The starling mommy was being followed around the yard by several youngsters. The youngsters were pestering her for food. And when I say pestering, I mean PESTERING. It was rather amusing. The youngsters were old enough to feed themselves, but they didn't seem to have figured that out.

Another year there was a mommy starling who was eating at our bird feeder, and a youngster was (again) pestering her for food. She tried to show the youngster, but finally gave up and flew off. After the mommy flew off the youngster finally figured out how to eat out of the bird feeder. Then the youngster flew off. After the youngster flew off the mommy starling showed up again with a worm for the youngster. I didn't see this for myself, but apparently she was quite ticked off at the youngster's ungratefulness, so she threw down the worm and flew off.

And all this brings me to this video, which I thought you might find amusing. I know I did.

Happy Mom's Day

I gave my mom a very special card which she asked me to photograph, and I figured I may as well share the photos here.

Yep, the outside paper of this card contains seeds!

And while I'm sharing photos, how about a close up of mom's cake which I made.

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Happy Mother's Day!!!

Aside from the fact that only one thing positive is said, I like this. I figured that Mother's Day would be a good time to share it.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A parable

I was looking at old English essays of mine to post on my book blog. Yeah, I know I'm a nut.

Anyways, I was looking through my essays for my Bible as Literature class in the fall term of 2008. For one of the assignments we had the option of writing a parable. It could be a true story or something entirely fictional. Here is what I wrote, with some minor editing.


Once upon a time there was a baby girl. She was strong and healthy, but when she reached her first birthday she happened to fall on her head. Her parents rushed her to the doctor, who was unconcerned. He told them certain symptoms to look for in the baby, and sent them on their way. Unfortunately, the doctor was wrong to be unconcerned; the girl had suffered brain damage.

The girl took very long before she began to speak again. And when she did, she had both a language disorder (difficulty understanding people and finding a way to communicate her ideas) and a speech disorder (difficulty pronouncing words correctly). It was such that virtually no one could ever understand her. As strange as it sounds, she could not even hear what she sounded like; she heard herself speaking the same as how everyone else spoke.

Her parents sought out help for the girl. She began speech therapy at a younger age than most children, and her father worked intensely with her. He would record what she said, and then play it for her so she could hear the sounds she had made.

When the girl came to her tenth birthday, she could make herself understood much more easily than when she was younger, but she still had much difficulty with speech and language. Her mom asked if she would like to sing in a chorus; the mom thought that it would be fun for the girl, and also that it might help the girl’s speech disorder. The girl gave it some thought, and then decided that she would like to join a chorus. So, she joined.

The girl had a lot of fun in the chorus. Every week she looked forward to rehearsals, and found that she had a great love for music. Within the year she was taking private voice lessons from the chorus director, the first of which she could still remember many years later; in particular, how they had argued over whether the girl should or should not open her mouth wide for singing (the girl wanted to keep her mouth almost entirely closed while singing, and was somewhat stubborn about it). But eventually she was convinced to open her mouth, and she began to learn the proper way to pronounce her vowels and how to shape her mouth.

She loved singing very much, and also joined other chorus’s. She learned so much from the singing. She was able to match vowels with other people, and pronounce her words properly when singing, as she was unable to do when speaking. She could also hear whether she pronounced things properly or not while singing, as she had been unable to do while speaking. Eventually one day she was shocked to suddenly hear her speech disorder while speaking; she had heard recordings of herself before, but she was amazed to actually hear it as she spoke.

She still had a speech disorder by her nineteenth birthday, but by then people who met her were always certain that it was simply an accent. The question she was asked the most by people she met was “Where are you from?” It amused to answer truthfully, “Oh, I grew up around here.” People often told her “You should tell people that you’re from some exotic place, like Europe or Australia! That’s what you sound like.” But she preferred to simply tell people the truth of what had happened to her. She still had the language disorder, but it did not trouble her as much as it had used to.

She was not sure where she wanted to go in life, but then a few things happened that made her future clear to her. One was the elation and joy of performing. This was nothing new to her, but it confirmed for her that she simply must stay in music for her entire life. The second thing was that she met a music thanatologist – she was amazed by the thought of helping people heal through music. True, she herself had experienced the healing effects of music, but she had not given any real thought to it before. The third thing was that she dwelled on the fact that she felt called to healing, but that she felt no inclination to become a nurse or doctor. It suddenly became plain to her that she wished to help other people through music, as she had been helped. And so she dedicated herself to helping others through music, went to a university from which she earned a degree as a music therapist, and went on to help people whenever and however she could through music.


Can you guess who the girl is? If you guessed me, you're correct.

But as I was just telling my mom several minutes ago, part of me was sad that I would no longer be studying English in school when I chose to be a music therapy major. However, I am COMPLETELY HAPPY to be switching back to being an English major!!!

I'm not giving up my music, and I'm not giving up on my wish to help people. I'll just pursue those activities elsewhere. :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The sick kitty is no longer sick

Saphira is doing beautifully. As proof of this fact here is a photo (which I took this evening) of her getting away with something that neither of our other cats are allowed to do.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Update on the sick kitty

Considering how close to death Saphira seemed last Friday morning -- she was almost unconscious in a pile of her poop, if you don't remember -- she's doing unbelievably well. Also, we just learned something else from the vet today. They looked at some x-rays, and it turns out that her heart is larger than usual. It doesn't seem large enough to be concerned about, but they plan to take another look at it. I'm wondering if its size has something to do with her having heart murmurs.

But she's doing really well. She seems almost normal now, though we're trying to make her take things easy. This means keeping her separated from Kokopelle.

Kokopelle is my kitty. He is named after a fertility god, he knows who his namesake is, he doesn't seem to realize that he's been neutered. Naturally, this means that he spends a lot of his time chasing after our female kitty, Saphira.

To keep them separated Saphira is mostly locked up in my parent's bedroom with my dad (my dad is disabled and spends a lot of time lying down anyways), and we've got food and a litter box in there for her. When she does get out into the rest of the house we lock Kokopelle up. Our third cat, Socks, isn't really a problem. On rare occasions he will chase Saphira around, but he isn't attracted by her female charms so he doesn't give her a hard time like Kokopelle does.

In the meantime Kokopelle misses her, and he's been demanding even more attention than usual. But I'm sure that he'll soon have his playmate back.

The vets plan to do some more blood work and take another look at Saphira, but as I said she seems to be doing pretty well right now. So things are looking pretty good.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Things I want

1) A hammock

2) A netbook

3) An apartment or house, and a room mate

4) Chickens

5) A cat tree that reaches up to the ceiling

6) A cat wheel (it's like a giant hamster wheel, but for cats)

7) A DNA test to learn more about my heritage

I think that getting a net book would be really good for me. I'll have to do a LOT of writing as an English major, and having my own computer type thingy to carry around with me will make it much easier. So I guess you could say that I do actually need a netbook, and I will definitely be getting #2 soonish.

I really want to get #1 even sooner than #2, but I'm not sure if that's practical. Yeah, it would be great in our back yard, and I would love to take naps on it, but shouldn't I be saving my money? After all, I can take naps inside the house and our camping chairs are quite comfortable as lawn chairs. (In case you can't tell, I'm still trying to convince myself that getting a hammock wouldn't be a good idea.)

I plan to get #7 really soon. I have three Native American tribes in my heritage, and I only know one of the tribes. This is quite annoying, to say the very least. It would also be nice to find out exactly how many generations back my Scottish heritage is. And, I can get a DNA test for less than $150.

#3 will have to wait until I have a bigger pay check. And yeah, I think that having a room mate is a requirement for me moving out. I don't think that I would be very happy living all by myself.

#5 and #6 will have to wait until I have #3, simply because we don't have space in my parent's house. #4 will also have to wait until I have #3 because my mom won't let me build a chicken coop in our back yard and I'm not sure if I would even have time to take care of chickens.

So I'll be getting #2 pretty soon, #7 pretty soon, and I want to get #1 really soon. But I'm still trying to convince myself that I don't really need #1. lol

Do you have a list of things you want or need?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Beltane and Labyrinth Day

First, a quick update on our sick kitty.

Saphira is getting better. She hadn't been drinking water, but she finally drank some out of my dad's hand this evening. That's good, since I don't think anyone of us was looking forward to the prospect of forcing her to get liquid into her. She's also a more active, and purred earlier today.

And I found out another detail yesterday evening -- not only does she have a heart murmur and is aging prematurely, but an x-ray showed that one of her shoulders has been dislocated at some time or other in the past. This was very surprising to us. We've never seen her shoulder hurt, and the breeder didn't tell us anything about an injury. I assume that her shoulder was dislocated when she was really small and the mommy cat wouldn't let the breeder get close enough to realize something was wrong.

Now, onto Beltane and labyrinth stuff!!!

Today is the international labyrinth day. The idea was for as many people as possible to walk a labyrinth at 1pm (in their own time zones) so that a wave of peace would wash around the world. Yes, I did participate.

And then this day is also Beltane. For those who don't know, Beltane is Pagan speak for May Day. We celebrate the turning of the seasons: the equinoxes and solstices, and times halfway between each of those four celebrations, adding up to a total of eight celebrations days throughout the year.

(You may (or may not) notice that I spell Beltane as with an "i" in my labels. There are variations on the spellings, and my favorite spelling just happens to have changed.)

So we have the labyrinth day and Beltane falling on the same day. Well, one Pagan at school decided to combine the two celebrations! Yep, we danced a May Pole while walking a labyrinth today. It was amazing.

It struck me as sort of funny that we were doing a Pagan ritual at a Catholic college, lol, but no one was complained. I guess that's Portland for you. It's a great place to live!

Ok, I think I've rambled enough for now. :)

ps. Remind me to talk about my first experience with Pagan Standard Time later.

Labyrinth Day

Today is the international labyrinth day. In honor of that I am going to post some photos I was able to take showing how to make a labyrinth.

I know the photos are sideways. I don't know how to fix that.

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