Friday, May 28, 2010

Fur Baby Friday: Powell's the greyhound

Some years ago my family wanted to get a dog, and I think we were sort of considering a greyhound. You can imagine our delight when we got a phone call from a family friend saying "Hey, I found this stray greyhound. With two dogs already I can't take care of this guy, so would you foster him for me please?" Our answer was an immediate yes, and my mom brought him home that evening.

I think I'll always remember that Powell's (as we soon named him) spent that first night in Tall One's bedroom and I insisted on camping out with my brother to be near the dog. In particular about that night, I'll remember running off to me mom and complaining "The dog keeps whining and whining! We've put him to bed I don't know how many times but he keeps getting up and whining some more! I can't believe it! Do you have any idea what this is like?" lol Of course my parents laughed, because they did know what it was like.

We never found the Powell's' previous owners. We suspect that he was abandoned because even though he was wearing a collar, the ID tag had been ripped off of it.

We never learned anything about his past, but we could guess a couple of things. One of our guesses is that he won some races. We had a big backyard and when he got running, he would run and run and run laps around the backyard like you wouldn't believe. He was amazing. The other thing we guessed is that he had been abused in the past.

Usually it's impossible to keep greyhounds off of furniture, so we were expecting to share our couches and even our beds with him. And yet, he would never get on the furniture. The times that we tried to coax him onto the couch or a bed he would become frightened. Then once Powell's was in my parent's room while my dad was undressing, and the poor dog panicked when my dad took off his belt.

So let's see, Powell's was scared to get on the furniture and he freaked out when my dad took his belt off. Yeah, I think this dog was abused by previous owners.

I think Powell's did enjoy his last couple years with us. He was a good dog. In particular I remember that he liked spaghetti noodles.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm glad Powell found a good home with you, poor little guy!