Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hairy legs

I mentioned a while ago that I hadn't shaved my legs in a while. I mentioned it specifically because a classmate of mine said that unshaven legs are gross on women. I was amazed to hear someone say that to my face (for some strange reason) and quickly decided to wear a skirt or shorts showing my bare legs to class to prove to her that some of us don't care if unshaven legs are considered gross. Maybe that was a little immature of me, but oh well.

In this post I mention my legs again because I shaved them last night. I would also like to share a lesson I learned, for in case anyone else decides to shave their legs after several years of not shaving.

Have drain cleaner handy if your legs are super super hairy. Trust me, you'll need the drain cleaner after you've shaved all that hair off!

BTW, I first stopped shaving my legs because it became very painful, and it was a nuisance. I've started again because I'm willing to deal with the nuisance again, and even though I don't consider unshaven legs "gross" (unlike one of my classmates) I do prefer my legs shaved. I'll also use shaving cream and razors which are specifically for sensitive skin, so hopefully it won't get painful again. We'll see. If it does become painful, then my legs will just become hairy again. :)


Diandra said...

I use lavender vineyard on my legs after shaving - easy to make at home: Simply put a handful of dried lavender in 1.5 cups of vineyard, add water until you have approx. 1 liter of liquid, put in plastic bottle, leave it on your windowsill for 2 weeks (shake from time to time). It's perfect for almost every skin liability I've had so far, including "razor burns".

~Haley~ said...

I have extremely sensitive skin, and I have found out that if you use conditioner (even the really cheap Suave kind) on your legs instead of shaving cream it works wonders! And then afterwards I lotion up. =]

Sarita Rucker said...

Does regular lavender work?

And thanks. I think I'll have to try both your suggestions! :)

Magaly Guerrero said...

I started laughing as soon as I saw the title. Then I laughed again and when I read the drain bit. I'm Hispanic, which many times translate to "Goodness gracious I'm freaking hairy!" I don't like hair on me. I shave everything, including my forearms, stomach, and all the my cute bits that get unwanted hair. I could have a contact with Gillette.

There are some things that work for me, just in case you want to try them. First thing first, us hairy girls need manly razors, so don't even try those pink-girly things on the shaving isle. Go for the 3 or 4 blade ones (I use Mach 3 or Mach 3 Turbo). Then you need sleekness. Shaving cream for dry sensitive skin (or cheap conditioner like Hayley suggested) works for me. Then after you shave you need to moisturize heavily, but you must mix lotion and oil. I use a combination of Hot Six Oil and lavender lotion.

Wow, I didn't meant to comment-jack your post!

Anonymous said...
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Sarita Rucker said...

No that's fine. It's good to hear from someone else who gets all hairy! :)

I used to use the pink girly razors, but the last ones my mom bought (since she does the shopping) were the manly ones with three blades, which are also special for sensitive skin. But I'll bear your suggestion in mind for the future, and make sure that I only get these. They seem to be pretty good.

And I'll definitely have to try the conditioner. The shaving cream for sensitive skin I'm using isn't working too well.

Sarita Rucker said...

Diandra? What's vineyard?