Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Note to self: You are too a writer!!!

I don't really think of myself as a writer, but maybe I need to change my attitude. After all, I have two blogs! This one, and my book blog. (Yes, I know I keep mentioning my book blog, shamelessly trying to get people to check it out.) So I'm definitely a writer. And I enjoy writing. So why don't I consider myself a writer? Maybe just because I don't want to earn my living at it? Hmm....

I'm also a published poet, but that doesn't make me feel like a "writer". Instead, it makes me feel like a "poet". I guess that a poet is a kind of writer, but still...


This is all coming up because I met with the head of the English department at school today. I have turned in my paper work to officially change my degree, and I am excited. But wait, I haven't gotten to what has me writing about being a writer.

The head of the department told me about a scholarship. This scholarship is for English majors who write, and in an attempt to get the scholarship for myself I am putting together "a representative portfolio of [my] work (up to 10 pages of poetry or prose)."

So would you care to guess what I'm doing? If you guessed putting together ten pages, you're right.

I'm using some of my poetry, and now am doing major editing work on a short essay I posted on my book blog. (Yes, I'm shamelessly directing you to my book blog again!) This will take me up to five pages.

Anyways, so I'm putting together ten (max) pages of my writing, and trying to convince myself that yes, given the evidence before my eyes, I am a writer.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Good luck with your scholarship application! Of course you're a writer!