Monday, May 17, 2010

Odds and ends

I broke my glasses over the weekend. Well, ok, that's not true. Not technically anyways. Technically it was my friend who broke them, but only because I put them in a very stupid place.

I took the glasses to the eye doctor (I totally forget the fancy name for them) today and they got fixed at no charge, which was a bit of a relief. I wasn't even sure if they could be fixed.

All that was wrong was that one of the lenses had popped out. That's happened to be before with previous glasses, but unlike previous glasses this pair doesn't have screws holding the lenses in place. Instead, it has a plastic string holding them in place. That seems somewhat odd to me, but whatever. My glasses work, and I like them, so they can be weird if they want to be. That's fine with me.


I finally introduced my mom to Voodoo Donuts. For those who don't know, these donuts are absolutely delicious. I'm lucky enough to have a place near my home that sells them!


Yesterday I double checked my ordering info and it turns out that the netbook wasn't supposed to be shipped until May 31st. Then a few hours later I got an e-mail saying that it was shipped and that I should get it this Thursday.

Oh yes, and I think I have the perfect name for this netbook. But I'll share that later.


Yet again, I'm looking at moving out of my parent's house. My goal is to get out before next fall terms starts.

So I'm going back to the questions I was asking myself last year when I wanted to move out, and I think I have some more answers by now.

1) I'm not going anywhere without my cat. So if we're room mates, that limits where we can move.

I'm still not going anywhere without my cat.

2) Money. How much will rent cost? Utilities? Groceries?

I can't say exactly how much these will be, but I have a better idea than I did before. I think.

3) Will I be able to pay my share with the job I have?

No. I'll need another job.

4) If the answer to the previous question is no, then there's another question: With my school schedule and homework, will I be able to pick up a second job?

The plan is to switch to going to school half time so that I can do this.

5) Health care. Will I be able to stay on my mom's insurance?

Maybe, maybe not. Obama's new laws on health care are too new to be sure of how they'll be interpreted, apparently.

6) If not, can I get my own health care at an affordable price?

Yep. Only about $100 to $175 a month through Kaiser Permanente, who I already have my health care through.

7) Computer access. Yes, I can get on computers at school. But having to go to school just to check my e-mail would be sort of inconvenient. So, would I be able to buy a computer that could just do the basics, Microsoft Word and internet?

No problem. I have my wonderful little netbook on its way to me. I'll get it this week!!!

8) Oh yeah, and I would have to buy cat food and kitty litter myself. Oh and mom might appreciate it if I take my fish with me...

Oh yeah, the fish...

9) The piano would cost a couple hundred bucks to move, and then periodically I would have to pay something like $75 to have it tuned. I can't afford that. So, can I afford to get a good keyboard so I can practice piano at my new home? It wouldn't replace a real piano, and I would continue to practice on those at school, but I think I need something at home.

Maybe I could find something cheap at a yard sale...


Diandra said...


See? I learned a fancy word! (^v^)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Those Voodoo Donuts have put a spell on you!

Sarita Rucker said...

Diandra -- Nice! Now I just need to learn that word.

Debra -- Apparently. But that's fine. :)