Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Update on the sick kitty

Considering how close to death Saphira seemed last Friday morning -- she was almost unconscious in a pile of her poop, if you don't remember -- she's doing unbelievably well. Also, we just learned something else from the vet today. They looked at some x-rays, and it turns out that her heart is larger than usual. It doesn't seem large enough to be concerned about, but they plan to take another look at it. I'm wondering if its size has something to do with her having heart murmurs.

But she's doing really well. She seems almost normal now, though we're trying to make her take things easy. This means keeping her separated from Kokopelle.

Kokopelle is my kitty. He is named after a fertility god, he knows who his namesake is, he doesn't seem to realize that he's been neutered. Naturally, this means that he spends a lot of his time chasing after our female kitty, Saphira.

To keep them separated Saphira is mostly locked up in my parent's bedroom with my dad (my dad is disabled and spends a lot of time lying down anyways), and we've got food and a litter box in there for her. When she does get out into the rest of the house we lock Kokopelle up. Our third cat, Socks, isn't really a problem. On rare occasions he will chase Saphira around, but he isn't attracted by her female charms so he doesn't give her a hard time like Kokopelle does.

In the meantime Kokopelle misses her, and he's been demanding even more attention than usual. But I'm sure that he'll soon have his playmate back.

The vets plan to do some more blood work and take another look at Saphira, but as I said she seems to be doing pretty well right now. So things are looking pretty good.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm glad to hear Saphira is returning to good health. I bet she had to use up one of her nine lives, though. Oh well -- still eight left!

Judy said...

Glad she is feeling better...Hope they can discover what caused the problem and she can get back to bothering Kokopelle...

Sarita Rucker said...

Debra -- Yep, it's good that cats have nine lives.

Judy -- Kokopelle bothers her, not the other way around. Or maybe that's not strictly true. She does sometimes try to get his attention only to then hiss at him when he returns her attentions. lol Silly cat.