Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cookie dough coffee

I know I generally don't blog about coffee. In fact, I completely gave it up last fall term after my second addiction to it. (Starting university without coffee was daunting, but I really don't like being addicted to anything.) These days I do drink coffee again, but not very often. At the moment my rule is one cup a week. I had my weekly cup of coffee this morning, and it was so neat I just had to share.

I went into Seattle's Best Coffee planning to get something for only a couple of bucks. But when I saw their new summer special, I decided to spend nearly $4 to try it out. It was a cold chocolate chip cookie dough drink.


Truthfully it didn't taste like cookie dough as I drank it. Regardless, it was good. If I feel like splurging on coffee again I'll quite likely find my way to a local Seattle's Best Coffee place in search of this drink.

Just to clarify, I'm not getting paid to talk about their coffee. It was just so cool and yummy that I wanted to share.

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Anonymously Me said...

I looove coffee.

冠宛君中 said...
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Sarita Rucker said...

Yes it is yummy.

And why do I keep getting spam on my blog...? And these people always share links to porn.

Diandra said...

There were times when I had no blood in my system, but coffee instead. Every year, I would avoid coffee for 4 weeks, for detox and to prove to myself I could live without.

Nowadays, I drink one cup at the office in the morning (we have great Oriental coffee, I can't resist) and on rare occasions make myself a cup on weekends at home. The taste is still great, but my body doesn't need the caffeine anymore, and I have become a lot pickier regarding taste.