Monday, June 14, 2010

Paganism =/= One Religion

I just realized that there's one thing I haven't made sure that everyone understands about Paganism, and which I meant to post about early in the month.

Paganism is not one single religion. "Paganism" is an umbrella term which covers many different religions and spiritualities. Wicca is the most well known Pagan religion, but there are others like Druidry and Heathenry. There are many more, but these are the three that I am most familiar with.

This is something which I take for granted, but a while ago I was talking to a classmate and found myself explaining this little detail about Paganism. Her response? "I didn't know that! Ok, that explains a few things that I hadn't understood." Because of what she said I thought that it would be a fact worth sharing as a Pagan Values Month post. :)


gregchaos said...

That's an important point to make. Though meanings change within a language, "pagan" officially describes anybody who is not a Jew, Christian or Muslim. So it would include atheists as well as Scientologists, Buddhists, Druids and followers of Wicca.

During the great religious burnings of the 4th century, all non-Christian pagan knowledge was torched - even books on irrigation, mathematics and astronomy. There was probably a manual at the Library of Alexandria telling us just how they build the pyramids, before a Christian mob tore it down in 390.

T.L. Holladay said...

Thank you gregchaos! "Not Jewish, Christian or Muslim." I've been saying that forever and a day and I thought no one was listening.

雲亨 said...
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Pitch313 said...

The assemblage of "Pagan" spiritualities is so diverse that some of them don't even want to call themselves "Pagan."