Friday, July 2, 2010

Me and librarians

I think that the librarians at my local library start thinking "Uh oh..." when they see me approach. Why? Because I never come to them with an easy question. After all, if the question is easy then I can probably find the answer for myself, in which case I don't bother them. But here are some questions that Google wasn't able to answer for me:

1) Years ago, when I was in Girl Scouts, I was looking up info on Vanuatu for World Thinking Day. (On World Thinking Day we would research a particular country and then share food/games/info about it with other Girl Scouts, and hear about the countries that other Girl Scouts researched. It was like a big party, and really fun.) Well, when I went to the youth librarian and asked "Could you help me find recipes and games from Vanuatu?" she scratched her head and asked, "Where???" Eventually we found some info on Vanuatu, but I don't think it was about food or games.

2) A few years ago I was trying to find the definition of a particular kind of rhyming couplet, or something poetic like that. The poor librarian searched and searched, but could find nothing, absolutely NOTHING about what I needed to know. Oh well. Maybe the professor I got the term from didn't know what she was talking about?

3) I wanted info about Barbershop music, specifically Sweet Adelines (a women's Barbershop organization that I'm part of). I was doing something about it for a school project, and I was required to cite books. Unfortunately, the few books I found that did talk about Barbershop music didn't have very much info, and what they did have wasn't very relevant to Sweet Adelines, so I wound up doing something else for the school project.

4) I was researching Taliesin, also for a school project. It turns out that the info about him is very little and far between. Unlike question number three I did manage to find enough for my project, but just barely.

5) Today I walked up to the reference desk and said "I understand that you guys have resources to help people job hunt. I'm looking for a job, could you help me out?" They (yes, I wound up with two librarians helping me on this) had to search and search before they could finally find the info I needed.

So I guess I always go to them with questions on obscure topics (questions 1 through 4) and questions that other people don't usually bother them with (number 5).


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm sure librarians LOVE people like you -- you ask them questions that make them use and stretch all their librarian skills!

I'd never heard of Vanuatu either until my boss went there for a conference a couple of years ago. I'm still not 100% sure where it is? Near Indonesia, Australia or New Zealand, perhaps?

Sarita Rucker said...

I had to check on Google Maps because I couldn't remember, but your guess that it's near Australia is right. It's sorta close to New Zealand, but it's closer to Australia.