Friday, July 16, 2010

Refrigerator woes

I mentioned a while back that our fridge broke down. What I didn't share was the repairman's visit soon after. But first, I need to tell you exactly what our fridge was doing. Or more precisely, what the freezer was doing. We also have trouble with the fridge side of it, but that's not as problematic. Or as noticeable.

The temperature kept rising and dropping in the freezer. Rising and dropping. Rising and dropping. So on and so fourth. As you might imagine, this made our freezer slightly useless. It was frequently too warm, and things would thaw out. But on the other hand it did drop below freezing regularly, so the ice cubes that we kept in it would sometimes be properly frozen. Sometimes.

The freezer happened to be at a decent temperature when our landlord got a repairman to our house. And please note that we have a landlord, and do not actually own this house ourselves. So it was up to the landlord, not us, to get the fridge fixed. Well, the repairman listened to our tale of woe, looked at the perfectly frozen freezer, and told our landlord that it simply isn't possible for a refrigerator to do what we were describing.

Hmm, so...we were hallucinating?

Anyways, the landlord paid the repairman and refused to get us a new refrigerator since ours couldn't possible be broken. After all, it's impossible for fridge's to do what we were describing. Right?

So dad figured out a fancy way to measure the temperature in the freezer: he got some kind of thermometer in the freezer that was hooked up to something outside the freezer that let figure out what exactly the temperature was without opening the door. Pretty neat, I thought. We collected data from the readouts, and dad (who likes his gadgets) made a graph using the computer.

The graph seemed to convince our landlord to bring in another repairman, and we hoped that this new one would take us seriously. Fortunately, he did! After a brief discussion about whether it was best to just fix our current 18 year old fridge our buy another, our landlord decided to just buy a used one to replace ours.

I think we should get the new (though used) fridge on Monday, and am looking forward to it.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Your Dad is one ingenious cookie.

Magaly Guerrero said...

I see where you get your brains from! I'm such a graph junkie too! I draw grafts for my writing plots, for my running, even for scheduling. Some of the grafts don't really do anything, but putting them together is really relaxing.

Oh, about the ginger issue. I keep mine out, but never long enough to grow. Maybe I should try it, just to smell the plant all day long ;-)

Sarita Rucker said...

Debra -- Maybe it has something to do with him being an ex-college professor and a Ph.D. Or maybe those two things have to do with him being an ingenious cookie. :)

Magaly -- Oh wow. I usually avoid graphs. But to each their own. :) And I don't really know yet what happens with the ginger if you let it grow. I've only got small sprouts so far.