Sunday, July 11, 2010

Skagit Valley Highland Games

Have I ever said what all goes on at the Highland Games?

1) Bagpipe solo competitions
2) Bagpipe band competitions
3) Drum competitions
4) Various dance competitions
5) Various athletic competitions
6) Vendors selling really cool stuff
7) Clan tents (I don't know what they do, but they're there!)

It's impossible to see everything at one game. But I guess that's why they're called the Highland Games (plural) instead of the Highland Game (singular).

This weekend was the Skagit Valley Highland Games. I think that they're my favorite, because in addition to all the above they also have...

1) Dogs and cats for adoption, and I get to pet the kitties!
2) Sheepdog trials
3) A spinning tent
4) These particular people who sell awesome locally grown strawberries on top of ice cream

It was at the Skagit Valley Games that I learned to use the drop spindle last year. This year I learned to use the spinning wheel, something which I was afraid I might never be able to do. I am so happy that a spinner allowed me to sit at her spinning wheel and learn. =D

And as for the sheepdog trials, I have a video to share. It's really neat to see the sheep being herded. There's running commentary during the video, sort of explaining things.

I also have a video of the massed bands. As I've discussed before the pipers and drummers would consider the world to be a better place without massed bands, but I personally love them. There's just something about that many pipers and drummers playing together, even if they are slightly out of tune.


Judy said...

The caber toss is always fun...takes real strength and timing...

Anonymous said...
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Sarita Rucker said...

Yeah. I didn't see caber this time, but it's fun. :)