Saturday, August 14, 2010


The world pipe band championships was today. I wish I could say that I attended it, but unfortunately I don't quite have the money to travel to Scotland. However...

...the good news is that it was it was broad casted live via web cam!

The bad news is that the competitions started at about 1am my time.

Originally I wasn't got to stay up late to watch. But then I started playing with my spinning wheel, and didn't feel like going to bed. So I listened to the first couple hours of competition before going to bed at 3:30am. (And I spun a ball of yarn.)

Tall One, on the other hand, stayed up and watched the entire competition, which lasted about 11 hours -- until noon hour time. And then he didn't go to bed until 9:30 this evening. Mom watched most of it with Tall One, but she did actually nap before and after (and during) the web cast.

There are three pipe bands I'd like to talk about.

Dowco Triumph Street Pipe Band

They are from British Columbia in Canada. Despite them being from a different country, they're considered to be sort of one of the local bands because they attend all the same Highland Games that my family does. They're a grade one band, which is the highest level that any band can get.

They competed three times during the course of the day, the first time being just an hour into the competition. So I did get to see them. They played well, and took 12th overall.

I haven't tended to pay much attention to this band (I've sort of favored Portland Metro Pipe Band and Simon Frazer) but they are darned good.

Simon Frazer University Pipe Band

This band took first for the last two years at the worlds championship. This year they took fourth. I hate to say it, but I sort of wonder if they sabotaged themselves.

They're another "local" pipe band -- also from BC, Canada -- and I've seen them compete. Well, at the Seattle Games just three weeks ago, their drum core took second place (Triumph Street's drum core took first) on the first day of competition, even though the band took first overall. That sometimes happens, that the drum core takes second but the pipes do so well that the band takes first.

Instead of saying "Ok, we could have done better, but we still did really well. Now, let's work on the drumming!" the guy in charge of the band started balling out individual musicians in public. I didn't see it myself, but I got it from people I trust.

Maybe this had nothing to do with them taking fourth this year. I can't help but wonder, though.


I hadn't known, but there's another competition for drum majors. SFU's drum major won that this year, at the world championships. That's an award for an individual, not the band, but I think they'll still be happy to know that their drum major is the best.

St. Laurence O'Tool Pipe Band

This is one that I hadn't heard of until today, when Tall One told me (when I finally got out of bed this afternoon) that they had taken first.

They're from Ireland, and this year marks the 100th year that they have been in existence. Apparently they celebrated their 100th birthday by partying for three days.

I guess the Irish really know how to have fun.

And my guess would be that they're partying right now, since they're the new world champions.



Debra She Who Seeks said...

Your brother is a dedicated piper!

Sarita Rucker said...

Yes, he definitely is. :)