Tuesday, August 17, 2010

iThingies are cool

I had to take my mom's iPhone away from her at the dinner table.

Don't parents generally take their kids' phones away from them at dinner, not the other way around??

And while I'm on the subject of iThingies...

Tall One got an iPad yesterday. It's really neat. There's one game in it that I like: Dizzypad.

You can play it single player, but there's also a battle version of it that's two player. That's how I've played it -- two player, against Tall One. And a little against mom, though she isn't as hard to beat as Tall One.

Each person controls a frog, and by tapping your side of the screen you can make your frog hop. (Tapping your opponents side of the screen makes their frog jump, but I don't recommend trying that if your opponent is like my brother.) The Lily pads that the frogs sit on spin at varying speeds, and all you have to do to change direction is wait for the frog to point where you want to go. And the goal of the game? To eat the other person's frog by jumping on the same Lily pad that they're on. The frogs even get reincarnated, so you can eat your opponent's frog multiple times! And each time you eat the other person's frog, your own frog gets bigger. :]

It's really cute, and fun. Tall One and I even started naming the frogs. The two in this picture that I found online are Chocolate and Frogs Legs. I think you can figure out which is which.

I haven't done anything else with Tall One's iPad, but I know he's having fun with the other stuff on it.