Sunday, August 22, 2010

Of insomnia, donuts, and coffee

One word: insomnia.

Last night I went to bed at about 1am. I should have gotten to bed slightly earlier I guess, but oh well. I'm a night bird.

A couple hours later I was still awake, and finally figuring out that I had a problem. I was not happy.

Why couldn't insomnia hit me on a night when I have to stay up late to finish an essay?? Why did it have to strike on a night when I want my sleep??? If I'd been trying to finish up a school assignment I would have welcomed it! But no, that's not how insomnia works. *pout*

By the way, I have had trouble with insomnia in the past. I'll go through times when I need meds to get to sleep at a reasonable time, and times when I don't. It's been quite some time since my last case of insomnia, however, and I can't even remember when it was.

Anyways, I gave up trying to sleep at 4am, and got up. I showered, read, finally started getting tired at about 5:30am, went to bed, and was asleep by 6am. Incidentally, 6am is when the sun rose. Then mom woke me up at about 10:30am.

FOUR hours of sleep. There's been one other time when I was awake for the sunrise due to insomnia, and I would have preferred to keep to my record of once.

Fortunately my day started getting better when I got out of bed.

Yesterday I'd suggested that we get donuts for breakfast today, and it was because of that suggestion that mom got me out of bed. She drove me over to the local donut place and gave me money.

I got a dozen donuts, priced at $9.50. This place likes to throw in donut holes for free, but this time they also gave me an extra donut, saying that it was some kind of special. Then when I gave them $10 in payment, I received $1.10 in change. I was rather surprised, but figured that the donut guy must be in a good mood. Or he thought I was good looking. :)

Moral of the story: support your local donut shop.

On the way home mom and I stopped someplace for coffee. I didn't pay attention to what my mom ordered, instead trying to find a particular cold coffee drink on the menu. When I couldn't find it I just went with my regular (small vanilla latte) and figured that I'd get what I'd wanted another time.

Then when they handed us our drinks mom and I each made a discovery -- I discovered that she'd ordered for herself what I'd wanted, and she discovered that they'd put whip cream on it. Mom likes whip cream but her stomach can't take it anymore, so she requested that they remake it without the whip cream. Practical me, I suggested that we just trade drinks. Everyone won that way. They didn't have to remake the drink, I got what I wanted, and mom discovered that she likes vanilla lattes.

I guess that the moral of the coffee story is that you should go for coffee when you get donuts, because good things will happen.

Maybe the overall moral of the post is that if you have a bad case of insomnia you should go for donuts and coffee the next morning, and you'll be cheered up.

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