Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Photos from the Games

I haven't been online much recently, which means that I haven't been blogging (or reading your blogs) much recently. But I am here today, and I would like to share some photos from the Seattle Highland Games, which were also the last games of the Highland season.

Simon Frazer University Pipe Band, practicing.

They were named the best pipe band in the whole entire world the last two years running. And I'm lucky enough to have them competing in my neighborhood! ("My neighborhood" meaning The Great Northwest in this case -- they're actually from Canada, so they are hardly in my neighborhood in the usual sense of the word.)

Sports in the foreground, bagpipeing in the background.

The ancient game of shinty. Unless I'm mistaken (which I could be) it originated in Scotland.

And here we have people lining up for massed bands.

The people in front of the band holding the big sticks (Tall One says they're called maces, but I like "big sticks" better) are the drum majors. They march in front of the band, and use their big sticks like a conductor uses a conducting baton...but obviously not the the same way. They raise and lower the big sticks over their heads so that the band knows the tempo, and they hold the big sticks at an angle to signal that the song is about to end. They also do other stuff with the big sticks that I think are just for show, like what you'll see in the next photo.

I had to share this photo because the drum major in training is a cute kid. Unfortunately he has some trouble...

...because his legs are so short. But time should fix that problem.

I was playing with angle here.

This is the massed band, and it stretches from one side of the photo to the other.

One of the youth bands (I forget which one) did this. I thought it was neat.

This was one of the many performers at the Seattle Games.

Just look at her guitar! Isn't it beautiful?

I found this rather amusing.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Great photos! The last one made me laugh -- that's a real Scottish deal!

Judy said...

I also enjoy Scottish their specials are nice also...two for the price of that's a deal

Sarita Rucker said...

Definitely. Who ever heard of a better deal?