Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fun, Sweet Adelines style!

Were you watching the Sweet Adelines International competition today? I was. :) On the webcast. The quartet finals competition will be tomorrow (Friday), and then the chorus finals on Saturday. I highly recommend that you tune in for some good music.

This evening was the chorus semi-finals. After the competition, but before the top ten finalists were announced, Rich Tones Chorus performed. They were the chorus champions last year, and it's traditional for them to perform after the chorus semi-finals. It's sort of their time to say to everyone "Hullo! It's been great to be your champions! We'll be stepping aside now to make way for a new champion, but we'll be back to compete again soon."

Rich Tones did some wonderful songs, with some funny commentary in between. For example...

Their director, Dale Syverson, took the mic at one point. She started saying "According to my watch..." She paused, and looked under a wide wrist band she was wearing. She started again "According to..." Again she paused. This time she looked under her sleeve. "Ok," she began, "According to my watch..." And again she paused, looking uncertain. And this time, she looked inside her shirt, like something was tucked away under her bra strap. More confident this time, she began yet again. "According to my watch, we have forty-eight more hours of being your champions..." This time she stopped because every one was laughing at her. She rolled her eyes. "I have an iPhone." More laughter. So, she reached into her shirt, and produced an iPhone. Everyone continued laughing, now at the fact that she took an iPhone on stage with her. "I have it on vibrate." She explains. Then adds, "That's how I enjoy it the most."
Another time...

An energetic song had just ended. A young woman runs up to the mic, panting. She says "Ok, you know, and I know, that I'm up there to give them," she points over her shoulder to the chorus, and continues gasping, "a chance to take their breath. But I want to know, what about me? I mean, come on..." An older woman comes comes up to the mic, and says "You youngsters. Always complaining."

Ok, so I guess that's sort of an inside joke. You would get it if you'd been following Rich Tones for a few years.

I tried to find a video of them on YouTube, but the following video is all that I could find. It's got snippets from the chorus finals competition of last year. If you want to take a look you can find them at 4:15, and it's no longer them when people start singing "Once a winner, always a winner..." That's The Winner Song. We like to sing it after competition results have been announced. :)

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Choral singing sure isn't the sedate activity it used to be!