Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pagan Pride in Portland

Pagan Pride Day is a day for Pagans to get together and do Pagan stuff. Today was Pagan Pride in Portland.

The whole thing lasted quite a while, but I only stayed for a few hours. It was pretty fun, but it was indoors and noisy, and I don't tend to do too well in noisy environments.

While I was at the event I attended a workshop for psychic self defense, where I learned a little bit about auras. Most of what was taught I was already familiar with, but it was good to hear it explained a little differently, since of course that meant that I got to see a new way of looking at things. And when you look at things a new way, you learn. :)

There was also a ritual that honored the goddess Renenutet, a deity who I had never even heard of before. She is the Egyptian goddess of harvest, and as such I think that she's a pretty good goddess to turn to in the fall.

My mom was with me, by the way. It was her first Pagan ritual. It was funny afterwards, though, because she said that parts of the ceremony were a lot like what happened at the Protestant church she attended when she was young, and that at times she was able to predict what was about to be said or done.

Then this evening I was about to pick a ripe tomato in our backyard. But thinking of the ceremony for Renenutet and this being Pagan Pride Day (in Portland) I decided to do commemorate the day (kinda, sorta) by taking photos of the ripe and ripening tomatoes. Maybe that's weird, but, I like taking photos.

There were vendors there as well today, and I bought the following thingy. I rather like it. :)


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sounds like an interesting time! Our Pagan Pride Day was a couple of weeks ago. It was mostly indoors too. I just went long enough to say hi to people and browse the craft tables.

Jon said...

That pentagram dream catcher thingy is beautiful!