Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The un-trapped miners

I think everyone knows about the Chile miners who have been trapped underground for almost 70 days.

As I write this two are now above ground, and a third is one his way up. I've been following live updates here.

I've got to ask, am I the only one comparing what's happening to these people to what happened to Apollo 13? In both cases the people shouldn't have survived. But the people in Apollo 13 pulled through and these miners are pulling through. The world watched Apollo 13, and the world is watching as these miners are coming up. Literally! There is seriously a live camera pointed at the new entrance/exit for the mine. I don't know the link, but my dad is watching it on his computer.

I think this qualifies as a miracle. :)

Oh yes, and, since time isn't standing still as I write, the third miner is above ground now. Three down (or up), thirty more to go.


Jon said...

This truly is a wonderful event!
I have a tad of claustrophobia, so the idea of spending that much time in a dark hole makes me want to throw up. The fact that these men have all survived is harrowing!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Great analogy, you're right!