Friday, November 19, 2010

Randomness, concerning ADHD and Gummi Bears

Random ADHD quote:

"Those of us with ADHD don't suffer from a deficit of attention -- if anything, we have a surfeit of it. We're vulnerable to distraction because we perceive too much at once; we're unable to filter out extraneous stimuli and focus on what is most important." ~ Niika Quistgard-Devivo

It's true.

And a random ADHD fact: Yes, we can have trouble focusing on things (or on what we're supposed to be focusing on, anyways), but we can also go to the complete opposite and hyper-focus on things. This can be good, like if we're hyper-focusing on homework. It can also be bad, like if we're hyper-focusing on something that frightens us.

By the way, I'm taking a communications class this term and for my final project I'm studying what particular challenges people with ADHD might have when it comes to communication. In some ways it's great, because it is giving me more tools to use when my ADHD gives me trouble. On the other hand it can be depressing, like when one article refers to it as a "disease" and another one talks about someday finding for a "cure" for ADHD -- as though we're broken and need to be fixed!

Overall, though, I think that studying it is pretty good for me. :D

Now, before getting back to homework, I'd like to share the following Gummi Bears episode. I don't really remember any particular episodes of this cartoon from my childhood, with the exception of this one. I was so happy to find it on YouTube. :)

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