Thursday, November 4, 2010

What the heck?

I was on my way home, and had just missed a train. That was ok, though, since I knew another one would be along in maybe five minutes. I decided to walk to the far end of the station to wait, but was stopped halfway there by a guy who asked "Why aren't you smiling?" This took me by surprise. "What? I'm not smiling?" "No," he said, and added something like "A beautiful woman like you probably has lots of reasons to smile."

He said a few other pretty things like that, and I was just beginning to figure out what he was up to when he said "You know, I usually don't make a pass at women wearing glasses, but there's just something about you." I guess I was supposed to feel flattered and special, but I just wanted to laugh. I contained my laughter but I did smile, which I think he took as encouragement.

He asked me some other questions -- like what my job is, am I a college student, what's my major, what's my accent, how old am I -- and eventually commented "Your boyfriend is really lucky." When he figured out that I don't actually have a boyfriend he said "What? I can't believe it! A woman like you, guys must be lining up to knock on your door." At that point I considered telling him that I prefer women. It would have been a lie, but it would have been interesting to see how he responded to being told that he was making a pass at a lesbian. Plus it would have told him that he had zero chance of getting me.

Eventually the train came, and we parted ways. I was on the verge of laughing the rest of the way home. It just seems funny to me that a guy would stop a woman at a train station to make a pass at her. I mean, he didn't even have any idea whether I was a serial murderer or something else just as bad! He didn't even know my name! And he never even told me his.

Ah, the people you meet when taking mass transit. Some are interesting, and others are...more interesting.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sarita, it wouldn't have deterred him one little bit if you told him you preferred women. Then he would just have wanted a three-way!

Madam Lost said...

At least he wasn't under the influence. Remember the inebriated guy who saddled up to you while you were doing homework on the bus, proceeded to tell you that you weren't doing the assignment correctly, and then asked which stop the two of you were getting off at?

Judy said...

Was he just being friendly??

Sarita Rucker said...

Debra -- Hmm, that hadn't occurred to me.

Mom -- *shudder* Yeah, I remember that guy. I think I prefer guys making a pass at me to a dunk who thinks he's going someplace with me. The drunk had me seriously worried.

Judy -- No, he was definitely being more than friendly.