Saturday, December 11, 2010

Do you have a stream in your backyard?

When my family moved in to our current house about three years ago we discovered hints of a stream bed in our backyard. We could tell where it would have flowed into our yard under a fence, and we could see where it would have left our yard and gone into a neighboring yard. In between was sketchy though, and I now realize that someone before us must have filled in the stream bed in the middle of the yard so that they could have a nice lawn of grass.

We talked about this stream, and examined closely where it must have flowed. But we never expected to see that stream.

But today, we have a stream in our backyard.

Here are my two best photos of it:

That's it leaving the yard. And now, for the entrance...

I guess it's not much. And in between the entrance and the exit it isn't at all impressive!

Still, we technically do have a stream in our yard. And I am quite impressed.

And this stream is thanks to the rain gods, because they are pouring down a LOT of rain today. It's so much rain that people are worried about flooding.

But I guess that's how much rain it takes to return a stream to where one hasn't flowed in years!

EDIT: I notice that the photos are too big to fit into the narrow column of my blog. Click on them if you want to see them properly.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

It is most definitely a charming wee stream! Can faeries be far behind?