Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mending books

I volunteer mending books at my local library. I've done it for several years, and I really love it. Taking books that are falling apart and putting them back together is really a wonderful thing. I can still find it amazing to look at a book that I've repaired. It's amazing what a little TLC can do for them.

Well, us menders are running into a bit of a problem right now at my library. One that quite distresses me.

Now, I've seen many problems during my time mending book. Of course books simply fall apart from too much love -- that's a common problem for me to fix. I've also seen books that people have written in (sometimes with ink), teethed on, and torn the pages of. Sometimes people decide to tape loose pages back into the book, which only creates more work and a headache for me. Heck, I've even seen a book where someone seemed to have drawn on the fly sheets with blood!

So I'm used to seeing problems with mending books. I can look a torn up book straight in the eye without flinching. (Ok, they don't have eyes, but you know what I mean!) It takes an awful darn lot for me to be upset by anything in the book mending department.

Well, the problem is...the problem is that we're suddenly finding fewer books that need mending! *sob*

Ok, ok...I guess this is a pretty good problem to have having. In fact, it's no problem at all! It's a wonderful, spectacular thing to happen! Fewer books getting torn up means that more books can go straight back to the shelves for our patrons! Our books will also have longer lives if they don't get damaged so much. So, really, this is a good thing.

Yeah, it's a good thing. *wistful sigh* It's a good thing...


Travis Erwin said...

Maybe you will have to get into e-reader repair to keep the medical services going.

Sarita Rucker said...

But can I glue together the broken spine of an e-book? DO e-books get broken spines?

Judy said...

This work lets you handle the books...they always feel good in the hands...wonder if people are just being more respectful??