Friday, January 21, 2011

Update on grandma

You may remember that I blogged about my grandma several months ago with bad news: she wound up in ER, and was ultimately diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and cancer. In case any of my followers are wondering how she's doing I decided to share how she's doing now.

First, I had said in one post that she became a ward of the state of Texas. Turns out I was wrong! A family member down there has stepped in to take responsibility for her, which was pretty nice of him. She's currently living with one of my mom's cousins, and I am grateful to this cousin and the cousin's family for taking my grandma in.

(Remember, my immediate family all lives in Oregon, which is a long way away from Texas. That means that either grandma has to come up here for us to help her, or people down there have to help her. People down there are helping her, and I think she's happy to be staying in the place she's lived all her life.

Also, mom wandered in while I was writing this post and asked me to add that she is unable to get away from home for too long to travel back to Texas. Why? Because my dad is disabled and she is his primary caretaker. And I'd like to add that I'm not even considering traveling by air because I don't like the TSA's "enhanced pat downs," aka "Total Sexual Assault".)

Grandma is doing better than she was during my initial posting about her, but she still needs a lot of help. And no one, except maybe her, thinks that she might ever be able to live alone again.

However, there is one upside to this situation: I'm actually talking to relatives whose existence I was only vaguely aware of before. I mean, I knew they were there, and I'd heard about them. But...I guess you could say that I only thought about them in an abstract way. But now, I've actually talked to some of them and...that makes them no longer abstract, but actually real people. I hadn't even realized that I thought about them in the abstract sense before.

It's sad that it took my grandmother getting Parkinson's disease and cancer for me to finally get in touch with relatives, but I'm glad that I have.

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