Friday, February 25, 2011

Two news items

First news item:

You may remember that my grandma had cancer. Please note that I'm talking past tense. Yep, the cancer has miraculously disappeared, and the doctor has said that no chemo therapy will be necessary.

Second news item:

Snow. There was snow the last few days! And when it snows in Oregon, people get a little crazy. We don't know how to deal with this white stuff. Places start shutting down when there is half an inch on the ground, and people refuse to leave their houses. It's all that the news people talk about.

To show you exactly how crazy we get when this white stuff appears, I would like to share a (parody) news story from a few years ago about a snow(pacalypse) storm that hit an Oregon town a few years ago.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Funny video! And what good news about your grandma!

Sarita Rucker said...

Yes, definitely good news about grandma. :)