Thursday, March 10, 2011


Dear Allergies:

Why do you do this to me? Seriously. Just when it gets to my favorite time of year, you hit me. You make my eyes itch. Sometimes it feels like someone's even poking at my eyes. And I have sinus drainage, which makes my throat hurt. It isn't fun.

True, I have wonderful allergy meds that can hold you at bay. But I'd prefer that I not need them.

So why don't you back off, and leave me alone this year. Please?



(...this was inspired by Carrie over at [carrotspeak.] who sometimes writes letters.)


Dark Mother said...

I love writing letters too and do them all the time on my blog. I've heard that adding honey (local honey) to your food and beverages helps build up an immunity to your local pollen.

Sarita Rucker said...

My mom used local honey to combat allergies when she lived down south. But I don't know where to find local honey here...thanks for mentioning it, though. It's a good reminder, and maybe I will be able to find local honey. :)