Thursday, March 31, 2011


I originally wrote the following in my notebook the day I left to visit my friend in Spokane.


One of the few advantages that traveling by Greyhound bus has over traveling by car is the people one encounters. Or anyways, it's an advantage when it is not a disadvantage. In my experience, so far, it has been an advantage.

There are two people who remain in my memory from my first time riding a Greyhound, less than a year ago.

One was a young woman, perhaps no older than me. She seemed a very nice person, and I believe she was going to Eugene. I found out that she was going to visit her baby and the baby's father, who had broken up with her. She easily admitted that the breakup was her own fault, though, because she had cheated on him.

There was also an older man. He looked very rough, and my first thought when seeing him was that I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley. He sat next to me part of the way, and despite his appearance he seemed a good sort of person -- his speech did reflect his appearance from time to time, though. He was on his way to a hospital in Portland, and he needed to be there by 11pm. He would be cutting the timing a little close, I thought. I hoped he would get there in time. I seem to remember that he was having problems with his heart.

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