Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I got back from my trip to visit my friend (who I will call The Belly Dancer) a couple days ago and I spent yesterday becoming acquainted with my grandma. I'll talk about both of these exciting things later, and probably at great length. But in this post I want to talk about school.

Last year I didn't do too well in school. My not doing well was a combination of being in a major that did not suit me, and the fact that I suffered from depression in winter and spring terms.

The depression struck in the last few weeks of winter term, and I did very little (if any) homework after it hit. For my music classes I had already done enough that I was able to scrape by passing those classes despite failing one of my final exams. But as for my non-music class, LAC 301? I failed it.

LAC 301 is a class that is required for all Marylhurst students who do not already have a college degree. It's basically an introduction to the school and it helps students learn how to learn. And because it is a required class I knew I would have to take it again.

I was dreading it.

Last term, a year after I had initially failed the class, I re-took it and this time I passed it. And I am quite happy with myself.

I have my first class of spring term today, and I don't have to worry about LAC 301 any more.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hooray for you! Your perseverance paid off big time!

Magaly Guerrero said...

WoooHooo! I'm so glad baby girl! I know all about taking classes you don't like, but we must, don't we? I'm loving all my current classes ;-) I'm having a blast with my poetry class, can you believe it? Of course you can my dear poet. I just wrote my 2nd poem!!! I got an A on my sonnet and that made supper happy. I might post my second poem soon, and oh heck the first too.

Sarita Rucker said...

Debra -- :)

Magaly -- I look forward to reading your poems. :)