Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spring Fever

Yesterday felt like the first day of spring, and I developed spring fever.

What does spring fever feel like? Here's what it feels like...

...minus the ship. Other than that, it's pretty accurate. I think that spring fever and cabin fever are very closely related conditions.

So I went for a walk today. A loooong walk. And I wore myself out. And now I need to do homework.

Note to self: Next time you still have things to do, take a shorter walk and don't wear yourself out!


Magaly Guerrero said...

Yesterday and this morning I had writing/plotting fever. I plotted and wrote for hours; LONG HOURS! Now I need to do homework too. But thank goodness school doesn't start until late tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I found you over at Debra's blog, She Who Seeks. I LOVE the Muppets and this is just great. Thanks so much.

rb2011 said...

Isn't it just crazy how when spring comes your brain automatically just sends a signal that says to find something else to do. It's the time of the year when procrastination is at its highest. haha

Sarita Rucker said...

Magaly -- Isn't writing/plotting fever fun? :)

Dark Mother -- I'm glad you found my blog. I also like the Muppets.

rb2011 -- Spring does some pretty amazing things to people.