Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day

I don't tend to get too excited about Earth Day. Not because I think it's unimportant, but because I think every day is Earth Day. In fact, I've only written one Earth Day post before, and it wasn't even on Earth Day!
Today I gave offerings to the land that I live on, and also to the fey. Hey, may as well get them in on the fun. :)

I also walked to a place near my house that's just below a roadway, and yet somehow manages to feel like it isn't. It's a pretty special spot.

And would you care to guess what I found at that special spot? Faded flowers and what looked to be a weathered love note. I like to think that they were left for a lover, but it looked like they may have been left for someone who had passed on. It was hard to tell for certain.

What did you do for Earth Day? And do you celebrate it just on one day a year, or throughout the year?

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