Friday, April 29, 2011

Of Easter and grandmas

I have come to the following conclusion: when your grandma has dementia, you can either laugh or cry.

I chose to laugh (though not to her face) when grandma introduced Tall One to mom and me last evening, and asked we knew each other.

(And yes, she has dementia. She was officially diagnosed about two weeks ago, but that diagnosis didn't tell us anything new. It only made things official.)

This is just one of many interesting things that have happened since grandma arrived in our home. I'm not going to write on this blog everything else that has happened, but I might tell stories about it years down the road. I will tell you, though, that we're trying to get her into a nursing home as quickly as possible. I'm worried that she might start wandering, get out of the house, and get herself into trouble when we're not looking. Because, of course, we can't watch her 24/7 like they can in a nursing home.

Now, forward to last weekend! Or would that be back to last weekend?

Mom and Tall One were up in BC attending the Indoor Games competition. It's the first of the Highland Games each year, and it's always on Easter weekend. There's always been one thing or another that has kept me from going to the Indoor Games, and I'd been looking forward to going this year. However, then grandma entered the picture and I had to stay home and look after her.

Oh well. There's always next year.

As usual, I hid Easter eggs for Tall One and mom to find when they got back home. But I wasn't 100% sure where the eggs from last year were, so I went to the store to get some new eggs.

When I got back home I thought to myself, well why not also hide the eggs that I bought last year?

So once I texted mom and found out where the old eggs were I climbed up into the attic (and wow, it was warm up there!) to get the plastic box containing 50 plastic eggs sitting on top of the Easter decor boxes.

Then I decided, well why not also decorate for Easter? So I brought down the four boxes of Easter decorations.

Even though I hide eggs we haven't decorated for Easter in at least two years. Actually, I don't think we've taken those boxes out of the attic since we moved into this house about three years ago. So I had quite forgotten that there were at least 100 eggs that I would uncover as I stuck Easter bunnies and other fun stuff around the house!

I didn't count all of them, but I think I hid about 150 eggs. And I know for a fact that there are still four eggs that haven't been discovered, two of which are out in plain sight!!! I'm trying to figure out how the two in plain sight are still undiscovered.

As for why I decorated for Easter for the first time in years...I think it was a combination of two reasons. One was that I just felt like it. The other is that grandma is Christian, and I thought that doing something for Easter might be comforting to her.

In a future post...some of the fun places that I hid the eggs. :)

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sometimes being in plain sight is the best hiding spot of all!