Monday, April 11, 2011


I haven't read anyone's blogs for the last few days. As for why...I'm getting to that.

When I was looking for classes to take this spring I discovered a Celtic Worldview class. I immediately knew that I wanted to take it. After all, I mostly turn to Celtic deities, and the better my understanding the Celts is then the better my understanding of their gods will be, and hence my own spirituality will be enriched! You can imagine how happy I was when my adviser told me that yes, I can fit the class into my degree plan.

(Financial aid doesn't cover anything that doesn't fit into my degree plan, so if I want to take a class it has to fit into my degree plan. Unless I want to find a way to pay for it myself.) (And yes, in the end I do have to pay for all my classes, but the point is that I don't have to pay for them here and now.)

I signed up for the class, and then looked at the schedule. My heart may have stopped momentarily when I saw what it was:

Friday, April 8th -- 9am-5pm
Saturday, April 9th -- 9am-5pm
Sunday, April 19th -- 9am-5pm

I hadn't even known that they scheduled classes like that. It was a mild relief the first day when the professor said that in reality the class would actually be from 9:15am-4:30pm. (Actually I was disappointed at first, but by Sunday I was definitely relieved.) Anyways, you now know why I haven't read any blogs the last few days.

Oh yes, and the reading...let's just say that I hadn't realized that I needed to do some reading beforehand. I'd assumed that the professor would e-mail us about any reading we needed to do, and I was wrong. So I had a lot of reading to do Friday and Saturday evenings.

However, I have survived, now know much more about the Celts, and am quite happy with myself. Oh and I need to finish reading 1 1/2 chapters about Druids that I was supposed to read before Friday.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sounds like a very interesting course but yes, what a brutal schedule!

Kayla said...

Sounds fascinating! I'd love a chance to take a class like that.

rb2011 said...

wow sounds like a tiring schedule, but glad to hear there is someone else that has to pay for college all by themselves. :)

Sarita Rucker said...

Debra -- By the end of the three days I decided I was crazy.

Kayla -- It was definitely a good class (even if it did drive me crazy).

rb2011 -- Yep, I'm paying for it all myself. Or I will be, once I get out of school.