Sunday, May 1, 2011


It's Beltane!!!

I'm not actually really doing much to celebrate. And I don't have a special someone to celebrate it with. At least last year I got to dance around a May Pole, so that was some sort of action, kinda, sorta... *ahem* ...this year I went for a long walk and volunteered at my library mending books. As usual. Oh, and I found a ladybug inside at the library. I caught and released it, of course.

Wait, maybe I should read some Sappho love poems. That would definitely be in the spirit of Beltane. ;)

For those who don't know what Beltane is, it's a Pagan holiday celebrating fertility. There are various ways to celebrate.

* One way is described in this witch's hot poem.
* Dancing the May Pole, which is a giant phallic symbol.
* Jumping over a bonfire (or a smaller fire) with your spouse/significant other if you wish for fertility together. Or, if you're single like me, or otherwise don't want children, jump over that fire alone so that the fertility may come in the form of fertile projects, money, etc.
* Any other way you can think of to celebrate fertility.

I would also like to mention its pronunciation: BOWL-tan-a. I only found that out today, actually, and I feel a little sheepish about having assumed that it was pronounced BEL-tane. I should have known better. It's a Celtic word and pronunciations are very different in Celtic languages versus in English.

Now, I'm about to go off and clean the floors of the utility room, kitchen, and dining room. Then I'll watch a movie (Smoke Signals) for school. I guess that's not very exciting for Beltane, but it's what I'm doing.

What are you doing for Beltane?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Those darn Celtic words! I may be all high-and-mighty about the correct pronunciation of Beltane, but there are still lots I have no clue how to say properly. There ought to be a book, you know?

Sarita Rucker said...