Monday, May 30, 2011


How did it get to be May 30th!?

It's funny how days can just creep by without me noticing.


Tall One's birthday was on May 23rd. I posted about other stuff that day, but not about him.

The cake was a nut and carrot cake, with some apricots in the middle of it. It was weird, but yummy.

And what did I get him? I got him an aromatherapy thingy. He had already figured out what I was getting him, but he thought I was getting him a soapstone one. So he was rather surprised when I gave him the glass and metal one you see to the left! I also gave him cinnamon leaf essential oil.

Two days later was The Belly Dancer's birthday. She's up in Spokane and I'm down here so I wasn't able to be with her on her birthday, but I did send her an aromatherapy locket that I've fallen in love with myself. So now she can wander around smelling like clove, which is the essential oil I sent her, or anything else she wants to.

No, I don't make a habit of giving people aromatherapy stuff for presents all the time. But I happened to know that Tall One wanted one and when I found this locket on I decided that I had to get it for The Belly Dancer.

I also found some amazing aromatherapy earrings, but I restrained myself from buying any. Maybe I'll get one of the inexpensive pair in the future. :)


Debra She Who Seeks said...

The smell of cloves is so comforting. And I like both the aromatherapy diffuser and locket that you chose.

Magaly Guerrero said...

I have a bunch of aromatherapy baggies, so I can appreciate this lovely gifts my dear. You rock and I bet everybody is happy and smelling wonderful.

Sarita Rucker said...

I dreamed about getting a silver aromatherapy locket last night...hmm...maybe it's an indication of what someone's planning to get me? lol

Debra -- I love clove. :)

Magaly -- What are aromatherapy baggies? Are they baggies with herbs that smell good?