Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kokopelle's Twin

Kokopelle's Twin is another neighborhood cat who I see from time to time. We call him Kokopelle's twin because the very first time we saw him we (my family) said "Oh my gosh, he looks just like Kokopelle!"

And we don't mean he is identical to Kokopelle, because he certainly isn't. He's black and white like Kokopelle, but he has more white on him. Set the two side by side and you can easily tell them apart.

The reason they look the same is their personalities, which you can read on their faces. They're tricky, and you can see that they love stirring up trouble. They also have this certain cluelessness which is cute but also worrisome.

One day when I was walking home I came across Kokopelle's Twin lying in the middle of the road. I stared at him and exclaimed "Kitty, are you trying to get yourself killed!?" He just looked at me, clueless that a passing car could end his life.

I haven't seen Kokopelle on the streets, but I imagine that he would be equally clueless. And it's true that we were in a neighborhood and not on a main road, but still. Neighborhood roads get used, and not everyone looks out for cats!

I wound up herding Kokopelle's Twin to the relative safety of the side of the road. Silly feline.

It's my pet theory that Kokopelle and Kokopelle's Twin are related. Mom picked Kokopelle up as a stray kitten very close to where we live now so I think it's a good chance that Kokopelle has siblings in our neighborhood.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Just like a cat to expect cars to go around HIM!

Sarita Rucker said...