Sunday, June 12, 2011

An animist's view of addiction

This is a re-post of a June 13th 2010 post. Maybe it's a weird topic, lol, but that's me.


In writing about coffee the other day and mentioning my previous addiction(s) to it, I suddenly realized that addiction is another good subject for Pagan Values Month. In particular, I am writing about addiction from the point of view of someone who believes in animism.

What is animism? Good question. I could never remember what that weird word means until I eventually discovered that it's a word for something I believe in.

An animist believes that every thing has a soul. Everything. Your pet cat, the tree in your backyard, the fruits and veggies that wind up on your plate, the plate get the idea. Each and every single thing has a soul, whether it's something that's obviously alive or is an inanimate object. So even my cute little computer that I'm using to type this up has a soul, and is alive in its own way.

When you believe in animism, "substance abuse" takes on a whole new meaning. Now that I believe in animism, that phrase means that to abuse a substance is to abuse and hurt its spirit. I also believe that the phrase "substance abuse" can be applied to any addiction, whether it's to an obviously deadly thing like tobacco or to a rather benign drink like coffee. So in its way, an addiction to coffee is just as bad as an addiction to tobacco, even if it isn't going to kill you in the long run, because it hurts the spirit of coffee.

I know that this whole thing about hurting the spirit of coffee may sound strange, but then again I know that animism is a rather unusual belief. But this is Pagan Values Month, and even though animism isn't something that every Pagan believes in I wanted to write about it.

Other animists might see things differently and disagree with me, though. So I want to ask, are there any people reading this blog who believe in animism, and if so, what are your thoughts on this subject?

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