Monday, June 13, 2011


I am through with spring term and have the summer off. Wow.

(Actually, I don't really have the summer off. I need to find a job, promote Dragonfly's Laughter, do some other stuff...)

I got to thinking about my break after my very first term at Portland Community College.

I'd gotten home from one final final exam, and was happy. I planned to spend the rest of the day being completely lazy, and doing nothing I didn't feel like doing. So I plopped myself down on my bed in my totally messy room with a book...

...wait, did I say that my room was totally messy? Yes I did.

After maybe half an hour of reading in my (probably unmade) bed I finally got irritated enough with the mess in my room that I decided to tidy up the top shelf of a book case.

Then I tidied up the next shelf.

Then I tidied somewhere else.

Then I kept tidying... the end of that break my room was completely clean. No place was untouched, whether it was under my bed or in the far corner of my closet. It was a lot of work, but I was happy with myself.

My bedroom doesn't need such a thorough cleaning job this time, but my plan is to put the same amount of energy into other things, such as making money and reading. And writing. :)

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