Friday, June 17, 2011

A letter to certain drivers

Dear Drivers,

A lot of you are nice. You either acknowledge my existence when I stop at a cross walk or drive way to let you drive by, or you even pull to a stop to let me cross. Whichever you choose to do, you guys are great, and even sweet.

This letter isn't to you sweet drivers.

Just ten minutes ago I was at an intersection and I was waiting for the walk signal. When I got the walk signal I started to cross...but I had to stop pretty quickly because some guy took a right turn. I don't think he even saw me.

Ok, that happens often enough. Frustrating, but some drivers don't look out for pedestrians. What's less common is that I decide a car is going to sit put, and then it decides to get in my way, as was the case here.

So after the blind right turn guy was out of my way (not that I'm saying that was a blind turn -- I'm saying that the driver doesn't know what his eyes are for) I started to cross the street again. But again, I had to stop!

This time people were taking left hand turns.

Yes, they had a green light. But I also had a walk signal. Why in the world we both have the go signal at the same time I have no idea, but for some dumb reason that's how it often works in Oregon. And what does that mean? It means that the drivers need to look out for pedestrians.

But they don't always do that.

If the first left hand driver had been using his/her eyes, it would have been obvious that I was trying to cross and had been cut off by the blind right turn guy. Yet this person was either also blind, or decided to disregard the pedestrian (me). I tried making eye contact with the people making left hand turns after the first one, but none of them noticed me at the curb. Or if they did, they didn't realize what had happened.

In the end I had to push the cross button again.

I have one simple plea:


I know I'm yelling this, but I'm frustrated. And I'm not just frustrated with this one incident. Even though I don't often have to push the cross button a second time I do frequently come up against drivers who don't notice the pedestrian (me, or others) who have patiently waited for the cross signal and only want to do what the signals have given us permission to do.

So please, be aware of your surroundings, and remember that you have eyes for a reason. That's all I ask.

I really don't want a ride in an ambulance, which could happen despite the fact that I try to be careful when crossing roads.


A Frustrated Pedestrian

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

You can never be too cautious in a cross walk. Even if they see you, drivers usually think they have the right of way even when they don't. I understand your frustration!