Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pagan Values Month: The edition about offerings

Well, I should probably write another Pagan Values Month post, shouldn't I?

A very common Pagan practice is to give offerings. I haven't really talked to others about why they give offerings, so what I say here will reflect my own personal practices, though I'm sure that I'm not the only one who gives offerings for these reasons.

I give offerings to build a relationship with deities or entities, or to stay on (or get on) their good side. Among those I give offerings to are: the spirit of the land I live on; the fey around my house; other land spirits; one or two other deities. Mostly entities connected to the land.

And what do I give as offerings? Let's see...

* I once gave a marble egg
* Nuts
* Bagel
* Yummy bread
* Buttered bread
* Potatoes
* Cinnamon roll
* Banana
* Apple
* M&M's

Try carrying around a plate with M&M's on it. It's noisy! And of course, there are many more things that can be given as offerings.

Also, it should be noted that once something is given as an offering that that's that. If it's food, it is not fit for human consumption. I wouldn't recommend feeding it to animals either, but if you leave your offering outside and squirrels or something else get into it I wouldn't worry.

Likewise, if you give something other than food, then you don't reclaim it. You don't take presents back from a friend, do you? The marble egg I mentioned before? I put it out in my garden for a land spirit, and it's going to stay there.

Now, a question for my fellow Pagans -- what do you usually give as offerings?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

At sacred outdoor sites, I give offerings that are natural and biodegradable such as: water libations, leaves, lavender, sage, tobacco, rose petals, etc.

Sarita Rucker said...

Good things to offer. :)