Thursday, June 30, 2011

Plans and ramblings (about rats) :)

I have two plans for the next month that I'm pretty excited about.

Plan number one:

One of my mom's coworkers who knows me is going out of town for two weeks in July. She asked me to house sit for her.

This means that I will be living in her house, alone, with her kitties.

As she said this will be a good chance for me to practice having my own place. Also, as I later realized, it will be a good opportunity for me to find out if I can happily live by myself or if I need to make sure that I find a room mate when I finally get out of my parent's place.

Plan number two:

I'm going to get a pet rat. I would love to run out and get one today but I'll wait until after I'm done house sitting...I doubt that getting a pet and then a couple weeks later taking off and making my family care for it for two weeks would be a good idea.

(As it is they'll be saddled with my boisterous cat Kokopelle...)

Actually, I'll probably get two rats. There was one time I just got one rat and I wound up buying a second one since the first one didn't seem so happy all by herself. Rats tend to be social critters.

Ratty ramblings:

I had rats years ago and loved them. They are so friendly and affectionate.

Oh, and the memories that come back, thinking about mom used to wake me up in the morning by locking the cats out of my bedroom and letting the rats lose on my bed.

Then there was the one time when I was doing (or rather, not doing) homework on my bed with the rats out...and one of them got ahold of the paper that I was doing (kinda, sorta) my math on and began to pull it away to her hiding place among the stuffed animals on my bed. "Well, you see, my rat ate my homework..."

My first rat was Rosie, and Tall One soon got another (male) rat he named Beauty. They bred, and Rosie had more than fifteen pups. And yes, that is A LOT. I'm not sure how many pups are normally in a littler, but it's way fewer than fifteen. Amazingly, each of the pups survived. And yes, I did watch the pups being born.

I remember one time when all of the pups were just old enough to wander and they were clambering after Rosie and she was perched on top of her water bottle trying to get away from them. lol Poor Rosie!

And each of our rats, when they started getting on in years, got tumors. I didn't handle that very well, at least not once the tumors got about as large as the rats and the rats were so skinny because of them. I said I would never get another rat because of those tumors. The worst time was when Solana's tumor burst open (I assume that killed her instantly) and I found one of the other rats in her cage, Stella, eating the open tumor. I refused to sleep in my bedroom, where the cage was, that night. I also held a grudge against Stella, even though I knew that I was being unreasonable, and even though dad told me he'd also seen the other rat in the cage (Salita) eating the tumor too.

But I'm older, and I think I'll handle the tumors better. And rats are so wonderful and loving that that outweighs the problems with senior rats. Plus I now know that feeding them chocolate (something which I did frequently) adds to their tumor problems. So I won't be giving them chocolate this time.

I remember them hiding under my hair on my shoulders, and sticking their noses into my ear. And falling asleep beside me as I read. :)


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Many years ago in Toronto, downtown late at night, I saw an old lady dripping with white mink furs and jewelry who was cooing over and petting the big ol' pet rat of a punk girl dressed all in black leather and piercings. Talk about an odd couple! But the RAT was what brought them together. Awwww!

Have fun house sitting -- exciting!

Judy said...

My son had rats when he lived in New York state...we went to visit and had to sleep on the floor...of course, the rats slept with was quite funny when the covers started moving in the middle of the night...

One of the rats chewed the electric cord to the quite a shock and never chewed cords again...though her hair did not grow back properly either...

Anonymous said...

Our rats were elderly at a time when we barely had enough money to eat. Although money was tight and we weren't always sure if we could make ends meet, we hid it from you kids the best we could. I'm sure you will be in a financial position to seek medical help when your new pets start aging. I can't remember my source, but I remember reading a news article that said being poor is watching your pet sicken and die because you have to chose between feeding your kids or taking their pet to the vet. [Madam Lost signing anonymously because you are "logged into Chrome" and I don't want to retype this.]

Sarita Rucker said...

Debra -- I met a guy in the past year who would take his pet rat around with him. He said that he really should call the rat Babe because it was a babe magnet.

Judy -- I don't think I've ever actually slept with my rats, but that might just be because we have cats in the house and I didn't want to lock them out of my bedroom at night. And my rats never chewed on cords, but they did chew on blankets!

Mom -- I've replied already.