Monday, June 6, 2011

Someone's having fun with me...

This weekend I went to the Bellingham Highland Games with my mom and brother. We headed over on Friday, and came home after the closing ceremony on Saturday. (Don't worry, I did do schoolwork while I was away.) The Games were fun, and deserve a post all of their own. However, that's not what I'm talking about right now...

...what I'm talking about right now is someone having fun with me after I got back. I'm thinking it might be the faeries. I frequently blame them when weird stuff happens.

When the Games ended in the late afternoon we got in the car and headed directly home. We arrived home at about 11pm, after which time I unpacked, did some reading, and then went to bed. But before going to bed I put a TMD splint in my mouth.

My splint fits perfectly (it was made special for me) over the teeth of my lower jaw. It protects my teeth from the nightly grinding, and prevents me from chipping them. Yes, I have chipped one front tooth due to grinding my teeth at night, and I might have chipped others that aren't so visible. So, for the meantime, it's sort of important for me to wear my splint to protect my teeth from me.

My splint came with a case that I keep it in whenever I'm not wearing it. So the following morning (or maybe it was afternoon...) I got out of bed and looked for the case...and I couldn't find it.

I looked all around the bathroom.

I looked around my nightstand, which is where I normally keep it.

I even looked in the suitcase I'd used this weekend, even though I knew it couldn't possibly be in there.

Wherever I looked, I couldn't find it.

Then a couple hours ago today I just happened to find it under my altar, which is bizarre. There are only four scenarios I can come up with for how it got there.

1) I randomly threw it across my room and it happened to land under my altar. I assure you, this did not happen.

2) A member of my family decided to place it under my altar. I can't see them doing that, though.

3) The faeries, or some other Otherworldly being, is playing with me.

4) The cats did it.

Option three seems most likely.

Gotta love the faeries!

I guess this post can even fit into Pagan Values Month. This story illustrates that a sense of humor is important when living alongside fey folk, which I think we all do. They're everywhere, even if we can't see them. And they sometimes decide to entertain themselves by playing with us! When this is the case, laughter is important if you want to maintain your sanity.


Madam Lost said...

Were my glasses there? 14 months later and they still haven't turned up.

Sarita Rucker said...

No, mom, your glasses were not under my altar.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

You have an awful lot of faith and trust in your cats. Cats are always #1 on my suspects list!

Sarita Rucker said...

No, if it were the cats it would likely have showed up in the food bowl or *shudder* the kitty box.