Sunday, July 17, 2011

Drum majors

This week I saw a new side of drum majors.

What are drum majors? They lead the bagpipe bands and they have this awesome thing called a mace. Here's a bunch of them lined up ready for massed bands last year.

I'm used to them, and I'm used to them signaling to the band with their mace. But I'm not used to them doing fancy stuff with their mace.

Then yesterday I saw Jason Paguio, who is currently the worlds reigning best drum major. I found the following video on YouTube, and it shows what kind of fancy mace work I saw yesterday. I'd had no no idea that they could do that.

The above video is of a drum major competition. The next one highlights Paguio, although it doesn't exactly have bagpipe music in it.

On a semi-related note, yesterday I had a revelation about those things called maces. Well, they're called maces, and there's also a weapon called a mace, and weapons are used to get people to do things, right? Well, maybe drum majors started using their stick thingies to herd the unruly pipers and drummers out of the beer tent for massed bands, and maybe that's how they started being called maces! Makes perfect sense, right? ;)

(Ok, so that was a joke of sorts, which someone will only laugh at if they already know that pipers do not like massed bands.)

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, I've seen the occasional bit of fancy mace work from a drum major although nothing as prolonged or as spectacular as in those videos! And LOL -- swinging a mace wouldn't get drummers and pipers out of the beer tent! A stick or two of dynamite, maybe . . . .