Sunday, July 10, 2011

FB status's

I was looking over my status posts on FB for the last few days and I think they give a good picture of what my trip to the Highland Games were like.

Friday at 8:22pm: Mom took us to the wrong hotel.

Yesterday at 12:33am: Insomnia insomnia how do I loath thee? Let me count the ways...

Yesterday at 12:42am: Insomnia is when you really want to sleep bit your body says "nope! For some random reason I am going to be mean and keep you up. Bwahahah!"

Yesterday at 12:46am: There's a light outside that keeps flickering on and off about once every minute. It keeps changing the quality of light in our room -- the light will have a bluish tint, then a red, then bluish again...

An of course I wouldn't pay any attention to this if I could only SLEEP. Dang insomnia.

Yesterday at 1:07am: Reading comics since I can't sleep and trying to not giggle like crazy. It would bother the members of my family not suffering from insomnia.

I did eventually get to sleep, and then I only posted two things while at the Games yesterday.

Yesterday at 12:26pm: Something a kid said: "I love dirks. You can put them in your socks and then kill someone with them."

Yesterday at 1:14pm: I heard this in the food line: "I don't eat animals. Except for their meat."

Then on the way home...

21 hours ago: The post-games discussion in this car is what the protocol would be for when a piper throws up while playing with the band. Really, um, interesting topic.

21 hours ago: I can't believe I'm going on only 4 1/2 hours of sleep. I'm not wide awake but I'm not exhausted either.

I also can't believe that I got sunburned. I used my moisturizer which has sun screen in it, darn it! It's always worked before! Well except for the time I used it the night before, but that doesn't count.

20 hours ago: FYI if it weren't for two minor details:

1) we have enough cats already
2) I start house sitting tomorrow

I would be bringing home a new cat tonight.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Between this post and the previous one, you paint a very full picture of your time at the Highland Games! And have fun with the house sitting!