Sunday, August 7, 2011

My little monkeys

I rat-proofed my bedroom, the same way that you cat-proof when you get a new cat and that you baby-proof when you bring home a new baby. Honest I did.

My girls still found trouble to get into.

Tall One took the above photo for me, since I didn't have my camera or iPhone handy. This was yesterday, and it was the first time that I let Beka and Sabine lose on my bedroom floor.

I don't mind them climbing on my shelves, I just don't want them getting on top of my books. They aren't exactly potty trained.

I reorganized the books on that particular shelf of that particular book case, as well as the bottom shelf of my other book case -- I stacked the books on their sides so that the rats couldn't climb on top of them.

Then today... can see her at the top right corner of the photo. And yes, she climbed all the way up to the third shelf of my book case, and on top of the books on that shelf, all by herself! Of course, I promptly rearranged that shelf the same way the bottom one is arranged.

My girls are like monkeys, and they love to climb. I think Sabine particularly loves it, but they're both climbers.

And they've only explored half my room so far. What trouble with they find in the other half of it?

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Maybe they're literary rats and want to read your books.