Sunday, September 4, 2011

When Tall One stopped the earthquake

The girl woke up to someone pulling her out of bed. “Short Stuff!” Her mom called, and with the girl in her arms she raced down the hall looking for her son.

When they got to Short Stuff’s bedroom he was sitting up in bed, and was not at all pleased. “Mom, the bed’s trying to throw me out of it!” The girl was still more than half asleep, but she noticed that things did seem to be shaking and rattling.


As soon as Short Stuff screamed this word at the world the earthquake stopped.

True story, though I barely remember it. I was maybe preschool age at the time, and Tall One (who was Short Stuff then) was even younger.

The story of how Tall One stopped the earthquake has been told and retold as we’ve grown up. We usually neglect to mention that it must have been pure coincidence that the earthquake stopped when he yelled “Stop!”

I’d just like to note that if you wake up in bed and there’s an earthquake, you’re supposed to stay in bed unless the house is falling down around you. Mom didn’t see this as an option, however, because she thought she saw me at the foot of her bed when she woke up. So, naturally, she went looking first for me, and then for Short Stuff. And she didn't want to let either of us out of her sight.

Dad slept through it all.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Dads always sleep through things, LOL!

DesiGuy said...

Nice And Interesting Too....:)

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